Advantages of Kneeling Chairs

Advantages of Kneeling Chairs

Many people experience back and muscle aches while sitting on a conventional chair for prolonged periods. The reason behind this is that the seats of regular office chairs are considerably leveled. A person sitting on such a chair would tend to either slouch forward or recline.

Kneeling chairs are considered a better alternative to traditional office chairs because of their advantages such as improved breathing and digestion, coral spinal alignment, improved blood circulation, etc. 

We will discuss all these and many other advantages of kneeling chairs in this article, so you can look for options other than conventional office chairs. So, keep reading!

What is an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair?

What is an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Before we move towards the advantages of kneeling chairs, it’s important to understand first what are kneeling chairs. A kneeling chair is a type of chair that allows you to sit comfortably and actively.

The key difference between a kneeling chair and a traditional office chair is the seat angle. The seat angle of a kneeling chair is at a 120 or 130-degree angle as opposed to the 90-degree angle of traditional chairs. 

However, studies have shown that a seating angle of 20 to 30 degrees is best to maintain the standing lumbar curvature of a person. To a greater extent, a kneeling chair maintains the natural curvature of your spine and thus eliminates the need for a backrest as well.

Moreover, their rocking base allows you to move freely in a range of postures necessary for good spinal health. Some kneeling chairs also provide backrests and armrests for the additional comfort of users. These chairs provide adjustment options as well. You can higher or lower the seat as per your requirement.

Advantages of Kneeling Chairs 

As you have got a sound understanding of a kneeling chair, let’s discuss some of the advantages of kneeling chairs in detail.

Improved breathing and digestion 

Improved breathing ability is one of the key advantages of kneeling chairs. On a 90-degree angle office chair, you are always hunching forward. This compresses your diaphragm and lungs and makes it difficult for you to take full breaths.

On the contrary, the sitting position of a person on a kneeling chair is such that it improves the breathing ability of the user. In the same way, a kneeling chair improves digestion ability as well. An open posture allows the internal digestive organs to stay relaxed which improves their workability. 

Correct spinal alignment  

Correct spinal alignment  

The second main advantage of using a kneeling chair is that it promotes correct spinal alignment. On a kneeling chair, you sit with your pelvis tilted forward and your knees lower than your waist.

This provides a much better posture throughout the spine. This way, it keeps your spine properly aligned in its natural S curve which is ideal for it instead of a C-shaped curve that can cause back problems.

Better blood circulation 

Kneeling chairs increase the blood circulation in the legs which allows them to move freely. Increased blood circulation improves energy levels and helps you to be more productive and focused on the work.  Moreover, it significantly reduces heaviness and swelling in the foot which is felt in case you sit static on a standard office chair.

Strengthening of back and core muscles 

Kneeling chairs engages and strengthen the core muscles and eliminates the tendency of a person to slouch.  Active and engaged core muscles are a sign of good health and increased productivity. 

Sitting on a kneeling chair requires you to use both your back and abdominal muscles, so they are automatically strengthened. When you sit at an open hip angle, your abdominal and back muscles are forced to keep your spinal column upright.

Balanced weight distribution 

Balanced weight distribution

When you sit in the kneeling position throughout the day, your hips slide forward, which helps distribute your body’s weight evenly.

This eliminates stress on the lower back, prevents back pain, and reduces spinal compression.  It allows the body to find natural balance and a center of gravity on its own throughout the day.

However, trying to put your entire weight on a kneeling pad is also not a good practice as it increases the pressure and soreness in the shins.

Moreover, it makes muscles do a lot more work as we are trying to lean or reach forward with the back. So you just sit comfortably in an upright posture and let the chair do the magic on its own.  

Reduced back pain

The kneeling chair automatically opens the angle of the hips when a person sits on it. In this way, it allows you to sit more naturally on your sitting bones. It helps in maintaining a correct curve in the lower back taking the strain from that area. So, if you want to reduce or prevent back issues, a kneeling chair is an excellent option.

Promotes active sitting 

Promotes Active Sitting 

A kneeling chair promotes active sitting as most kneeling chairs don’t have backrests and armrests and you have to rely on your back and abdomen muscles to keep yourself upright. 

Kneeling chairs give a range of sitting options compared to formal office chairs.  You don’t have to necessarily keep your legs on shin rests, rather you can place your leg extended in front of you.

You can also keep one leg on the knee pad and extend the other on the floor and can alternate this pose to avoid muscle stiffness. 

Fixes poor posture

Last but not least, kneeling chairs work effectively towards improving poor posture. A proper sitting posture is inevitable for the health of your back because recurrent poor posture eventually leads to chronic back pain.

Although most ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide back support for long periods, it’s not possible to sit in static positions throughout the day. Unlike a regular chair, a kneeling chair helps you get rid of bad posture and allows you to lean forward and backward for carrying out your day-to-day tasks.

Choosing the Right Kneeling Chair 

Right Kneeling Chair

When you first sit on the kneeling chair, make sure to first sit on the seat of the kneeling chair before you choose the kneeling position.

However, it’s not as easy as it may seem to shift to a kneeling chair from your existing office chair and sit on it throughout the day.

You should start by changing positions between your kneeling chair and the regular ergonomic chair. That’s how you can get yourself comfortable with the kneeling chair’s seating position.

So, for getting the right kneeling chair, you need to keep some things in mind. These include:

  • Comfort is the first factor to be considered while selecting any office furniture. The kneeling chair is no exception. So buy a kneeling chair that offers maximum comfort to you. 
  • The seat of the kneeling chair should be tilted at a 120 or 130-degree angle so that it can support a good sitting posture. 
  • Kneeling pads must also be angled at 120 or 130 degrees, which is critical in determining body posture.
  • It is better to buy a kneeling chair that’s height adjustable and can change the distance between the seat and knee pads. However, if it is not easily available, buy one which suits your height and body dimensions.
  • A rocking motion is good for strengthening the core. So buy a kneeling chair with a rocking base. However, if you find it difficult to concentrate on work with a rocking base, avoid it. 
  • Some kneeling chairs also contain a foldable feature. This helps in reducing the space problem and makes it portable. So, buy a kneeling chair that offers this feature. 

Bottom Line!

Kneeling chairs are multi-functional office chairs and offer a range of benefits. Some people feel awkward while sitting on a kneeling chair, but this initial discomfort pays off in the longer run. 

These chairs offer muscle engagement and help in eliminating back pain. They promote active sitting and easy movements which improves breathing and digestion ability.

Moreover, these chairs don’t take up much space and are easily portable.  So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself a nice ergonomic kneeling chair and boost your productivity.

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