Advantages of Vertical File Cabinets

Advantages of Vertical File Cabinets

An office file cabinet is an inevitable part of an office as it helps organize your records in a neat and efficient way. There are various types of office file cabinets out there but vertical filing cabinets and lateral filing cabinets are the most common.

In the last article, we discussed some of the benefits of lateral filing cabinets. In this article, we will talk about some of the advantages of vertical file cabinets.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the real discussion!

What is Vertical Filing?

What is vertical filing

Before moving toward the advantages of vertical file cabinets, it’s important to see what is a vertical filing system. So, as the name suggests, vertical filing means the arrangement of files and folders in a vertical manner.

It is the most common type of filing that most offices use. Files are kept in a standing position in a vertical filing system which makes it quite convenient for you to access them. What else vertical file cabinets offer is discussed below. Let’s have a look!

Advantages of Vertical File Cabinets

While we discuss different types of office file cabinets, we have a list of features we are looking for in those cabinets. Not every file cabinet provides you with all that you want, but you can make your decision well by checking out what they offer.

The following advantages make a vertical filing cabinet anyone’s number one choice:

Less floor space consumption

Less floor space consumption

One of the most prominent features of vertical file cabinets is that they occupy less space. If you have limited space but you want to keep more files in an organized manner, vertical file cabinets are for you.

Because of their vertical shape and small width, they save space and accommodate large volumes of files and documents.

Easy access to files

Unlike lateral filing systems, vertical cabinets offer you easy access to your files and paperwork. You can easily add and withdraw your relevant documents from the top without any disturbance to other files or folders.

With vertical file cabinets, you don’t have the need to think for hours before opening a drawer to locate or add a particular file. All your important documents can be accessed quickly and new files can be inserted with ease.

Deep and pull-out drawers

Deep and pull-out drawers

Vertical file cabinets have deep drawers with a depth range between 15 and 28 inches. Thus, they offer more filing room for your office.

They easily accommodate hanging files because of the rails found in them, which aren’t available in lateral filing.

Affordable Price Options

Just like lateral filing cabinets, vertical filing offers a huge price range of options. Typically, a vertical cabinet can cost you between $20 and $200 and above. It all depends on how much you want to invest in your filing system. But you are not short of choices anyway in your price range.

A Perfect Fit for All Paper Sizes

One of the best things about vertical file cabinets is that they perfectly store different folder sizes, including legal, letters, A4, or F4 sizes. What else do you want? There is a one-place solution for all of your paperwork.

Flexible filing arrangements

The vertical method offers users much flexibility in file arrangement. You can arrange your folders in a variety of different ways such as alphabetically, numerically, subject-wise, etc. Also, they come with a variation in the number of drawers. Thus, vertical file cabinets are a go-to option for you to play with your filing arrangements.

Convenience in Moving

Unlike lateral file cabinets, a vertical file cabinet can easily be moved. As the latter stores relatively less paperwork, it is light in weight.

So, you can very conveniently move your cabinet from one side of your office to another.

Choosing the Perfect Filing System

Choosing the Right Filing System for Your Office

Now that you have an idea about the advantages of vertical file cabinets, it is time to make a decision.

Your choice of a filing cabinet for your office greatly depends on your filing needs and the floor space of your office. So, if you have limited floor space, vertical file cabinets are a good choice.

Otherwise, you can go with lateral filing cabinets. Your files can be easily referred to in the case of vertical storage solutions. Also, if your office has extensive wall space, you should go for vertical filing cabinets as they perfectly make use of office wall space.

Last Thoughts!

Lastly, vertical file cabinets are a wonderful choice in all office file cabinets because of the advantages they provide. They are space efficient, accommodate files in large numbers without much difficulty, and let you access your files instantly.

All of these advantages of vertical file cabinets make them a perfect choice for most offices. So, are you going to buy a vertical filing cabinet or a lateral filing cabinet? Share your preference with us!

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