Are there Fake Herman Miller Chairs
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Are there Fake Herman Miller Chairs?

Herman Miller is the name of quality and elegance in the world of home and office furniture. Aeron, Mirra 1, Mirra 2, Setu, and SAYL are the most popular office chairs made by Herman Miller. The brand is known for manufacturing products marked by elegance, durability, and functionality. 

The exceptional ergonomic features and functionality make Herman Miller chairs more expensive than ordinary office chairs but they are undoubtedly worth the investment. Now, many people question “Are there fake Herman Miller chairs” in the market?

Simply put, yes, fake Herman Miller chairs do exist in the market and you must know the criteria that distinguish faker Herman Miller from an original one. A simple way is to look for the brand’s logo and product label on the backrest or underside of the seat. Popular products also come with a certification or medallion that confirms their originality. 

Are there Fake Herman Miller Chairs?

Fake Herman Miller chairs are present in the market because of the brand’s massive popularity and customer loyalty. Some manufacturers try to make counterfeit models of popular Herman Miller chairs and sell them at the same price to earn profit. Others try to copy some elements of style or design and incorporate them into their products. While others try to sell a basic version of the Herman Miller chair labelling it as the latest or most advanced chair. 

How to Spot a Fake Herman Miller? 

Here is your guide to distinguishing fake Herman Miller chairs from the authentic ones:

Look for the Logo

All manufacturing brands have a distinct logo that differentiates them from others. While buying a Herman Miller chair,  make sure that it has one of the following logos present on its backrest: 

Check the Manufacturing Label and Model Number

Herman Miller products come with an attached manufacturing label that helps in their identification. The label is typically present underside the seat and contains all the relevant information about the chair from its model number to manufacturing date and FO number. Manufacturing labels and model numbers are also useful in guiding the repairing or replacement process of the chair in the future.

Look for the Certificate of Authenticity or Medallions

The most classic pieces of Herman Miller products come with a certificate of authenticity. Some even contain medallions that ensure their originality. 

Use Online Resources 

To determine the originality and estimated value of used Herman Miller products, online resources such as Value My Stuff, WorthPoint, and Treadway Gallery can also be explored. These platforms provide authentic information about the market value of products and are also recommended by Herman Miller’s official website.

Spot Fake Herman Miller Chais: Additional Factors

In addition to the points mentioned above, some other parameters differentiate a clone of Herman Miller from a real one:

  • Fake Herman Miller chairs don’t have sophisticated finishes. You may find visible screws and bolts protruding from it.
  • A counterfeit model lacks high-end ergonomic features and adjustability specs that a real chair can provide.
  • The difference in the sitting experience would also help you spot a real and fake model. You might feel pain or discomfort in the back, neck, or shoulders while sitting on a fake model. Whereas, genuine Herman Miller chairs are known for providing exceptionally comfortable and supportive sitting experience.  

Where Should I Buy Herman Miller Products?

You can easily shop for an Aeron chair or any other Herman Miller product online from Herman Miller’s official website. You can also visit Herman Miller showrooms present in key cities around the world to physically test the product and get an extensive experience. 

Moreover, the brand has a global network of dealers in more than 100 countries. The list of authorized dealers in your country can be found here. You can also purchase Herman Miller products from authorized retailers present in your country who can provide you in-store and online access to designs and features of products.

If you are looking for a trustworthy source from where you can purchase a Herman Miller Aeron Chair. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Herman Miller

You don’t always have to pay a hefty amount for buying Herman Miller chairs as refurbished chairs are also available in markets. These chairs provide the same functionality and specs and that too at reasonable prices. However, some points need to be considered so that you get the best out of your investment:

Examine the Overall Condition

Just because you are buying a used chair doesn’t mean that you should compromise on quality. Make sure that the office chair has an overall good appearance. There are no visible cracks or dents on its seat pan, back frame, or other body parts. It’s better to know why the owner is reselling it. Learn about the warranty and return policies so that you may return it later if there is some flaw.

Check the Casters

Check the casters and make sure that they are rolling smoothly. Moreover, they should not be susceptible to dust and hair as it may cause inconvenience. 

Check the Gas Cylinder

Next, check the gas cylinder of the chair and make sure that it smoothly increases or decreases the height of the chair while supporting your weight. Moreover, it should not have any chew marks on it. And should not be leaking in any way.

Examine the Armrests

Armrests are also an important feature to look for while buying a used Herman Miller chair. Make sure that there are no cracks or crevices on it. Also, check their functionality according to the product type. If they are height adjustable, make sure it works smoothly. For the fully adjustable armrests, height, width, depth, and pivot adjustment all should be evenly working.

Check the Functionality

Make sure that different mechanisms of the office chair are working properly such as the tilt mechanism, height adjustment mechanism, lumbar support adjustment, and tension adjustment knob. Moreover, there should not be any squeakiness while moving these mechanisms.

Last Thoughts!

In conclusion, the exceptional features and classic appearance make Herman Miller chairs the most sought-after and expensive chairs in the market. However, fake models of Herman Miller chairs are also available in the market and one must be vigilant before making a purchase. It is advisable to buy Herman Miller chairs from its official website or authorized dealers and retailers. Those who are buying used chairs must verify that it has no visible cracks and that different mechanisms function smoothly


A real Herman Miller chair is characterized by the brand’s logo and manufacturing label. Some also feature certificates of authenticity or medallions.

When buying a used Herman Miller chair, make sure it has a good appearance and its different parts and mechanisms are functioning properly.

Herman Miller products are typically designed to last for 12 years. However, proper maintenance and care can further increase its lifespan. 

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