Benefits of Saddle Chairs

Benefits of Saddle Chairs

Do you face back pain after a long day at work? Try the ergonomic saddle chairs; these are the perfect solution for you. An inaccurate sitting position and lengthy sitting hours at the workplace cause different health diseases like diabetes, obesity, back pain, poor circulation, and postural issues.

The ergonomic saddle chairs benefit you in treating these health issues. Saddle chairs and stools have become trendy in all workplaces like offices, healthcare clinics, salons, spas, and even home kitchens where people want to move around during breaks from work.

In this article, we will address the benefits of saddle chairs as well as their drawbacks to help you make decisions about your sitting chair.

What are Saddle Chairs?

Let’s first discuss the saddle chairs. The saddle-style chairs are triangular-shaped chairs with contour cushions that facilitate users to sit in a healthy body posture. These chairs allow you to increase the height of the chair by about 20 to 30 cm and sit on the saddle chair like a riding horse in comparison to the normal office chair.

Generally, saddle stools take up less space than traditional ergonomic office chairs. You can sit comfortably and move around while performing your tasks at the workplace. These chairs come in different styles with or without backrests. The ergonomic saddle-type seating chairs strengthen the core muscles and improve blood circulation in the body.

What Are the Benefits of Saddle Chairs

Saddle design chairs encourage neutral spine posture and maintain the spinal curve naturally in an ”S” shape by the ideal 135-degree reclining angle. The seating position in the saddle stools keeps you in between standing and sitting, which helps to distribute the weight properly towards the lower part of the body and reduces the overall body pressure.

Keep reading to go into detail more about the benefits of saddle stools:

Improves the Body Posture and Strengthens the Spine

According to research, the 135-degree angle is the best posture for the health of the spinal curve than the 90-90-90 posture. When you sit in the saddle seat, this sitting will open up the angle to 135° between your hips and knees.

What are Saddle Chairs

This sitting position maintains the spinal curve naturally and corrects your body posture by strengthening the back muscles. The ergonomic stools ensure a healthy and accurate body posture by aligning the spinal curve naturally.

The open hip angle allows you to lean forward accurately and effectively without causing postural defects. It also helps prevent slumping and slouching by rotating the pelvis forward and naturally maintaining the lower back position.

Relieves Back, Hip, Neck, and Arm Pain

What Are the Benefits of Saddle Chairs

Back and neck pain results from the wrong sitting position for long hours, especially when someone is working in front of a computer. An incorrect working position causes neck, lumbar, hip, and shoulder pain.

The right sitting posture in the saddle chairs lowers the back pain by keeping the thighs and knees below the hip level.

The strongly declining position of the upper legs rotates in the saddle seat helps to reduce the pressure on the upper back and relieves body pain.

Apart from easing lower back pain, the saddle stool relaxes the pelvic part of the body in both men and women.

Enhances Workability and Productivity

Active sitting posture increases productivity, workability, and efficiency at the offices. You can attain the active sitting position by accurately using the saddle chairs. The downward and suspended position of the legs in the saddle chairs accelerates the oxygen supply, which helps to concentrate more on the work and enhances productivity.

Allows Mobility

Saddle sitting improves mobility by keeping your vertebrae and spinal curve in the right position even if you are leaning forward. You can move your upper and lower legs and reach things quickly with the help of saddle chair wheels.

This ergonomic sitting experience allows you to move and turn around safely by maintaining your body balance. The mobility feature in the saddle chair helps to relax the mind and exercise the legs during hectic work.

Easier to Sit and Stand

If your job requires frequent sitting and standing, the saddle chairs will be a great option. The halfway seating in the ergonomic stools will help you to sit and stand much more easily than the conventional office chairs.

For example, dentists have to sit, stand, and move daily to check the patients. Saddle sitting improves balance and allows them to perform their job more easily compared to traditional office chairs.

Saddle Chair Usage

Reduces Foot and Ankle Swelling

Foot swelling is a common problem for everyone who has to sit for long hours. It occurs when veins and arteries fail to transfer blood to the legs because of the great pressure. But sitting in the saddle chairs is different than traditional chairs which help to prevent the feet and ankle swelling by properly circulating the flow of blood in the legs.

Burn Calories and Improves Metabolism

People have no time to do exercises and work out in their tough routines. Active sitting in the saddle chairs at their workplace helps the users to burn calories by enhancing their metabolism of the body and engaging their muscles.

Improves Breathing

An inaccurate sitting posture can cause difficulty in breathing. The shortness of breath occurs due to the bending position of the diaphragm. However, diaphragmatic breathing can be improved by saddle sitting. The ergonomic stool ensures easy breathing by preventing a hyperextended posture. Healthy breathing helps to lower the blood pressure and pulse rate.

Divided Saddle Chairs Benefit the Pelvic Region

Divided-design saddle chairs put less pressure on the pelvic parts of the body. The gap between the divided saddle chairs improves ventilation. When you sit on the divided saddle chair, there will be less chance of genital infections. Such seating can also enhance fertility and decrease erection disorders in males.

Better Blood Circulation

The traditional chairs restrict blood circulation in the legs, which can lead to the fall sleeping of legs, swelling, blood clots, and even deep vein thrombosis. These health issues can be decreased by using saddle chairs: as saddle seats improve blood circulation and ensure blood flow properly to the legs.

What Are Some Drawbacks of Saddle Chairs?

Where there are benefits of a saddle sit posture, there are drawbacks as well. The main disadvantage is that few users face difficulty adjusting the saddle chairs at the start because their body has been sitting on traditional chairs for years.

However, depending on your fitness level, your body will be comfortable with saddle chairs after some days or weeks.

Some saddle chairs are not suitable for shorter-height individuals. If your height is shorter than the average, then use the best ergonomic chair.

Initially, saddle chairs can cause general fatigue, as the body muscles become passive after sitting on the conventional chairs, and saddle stools activate the muscles. If you are an overweight worker, you cannot sit comfortably on the saddle chairs.

Final Thoughts!

In sum, there are many benefits of ergonomic saddle chairs, including improving posture, relieving back pain, reducing stress, improving blood circulation, and enhancing productivity at the workplace. However, if you have never used a saddle chair before, we suggest you use a saddle stool slowly at the start and sit on the traditional office chair after two hours. It will allow your body to adjust on the saddle chairs for long hours of sitting.

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