Best Office Chairs Under $500

15 Best Office Chairs Under $500

An office chair is one of the key elements of an office or home office. Your investment in a good office chair will never go waste. Not only will it keep you comfortable for long working hours but it will also add to your health and well-being.

However, finding a high-quality office chair that comes with all the ergonomic features and adjustability options isn’t as easy as it may seem. This is particularly concerning when you are on a budget.

Finding an office chair that adds value to your day-to-day seating and isn’t much expensive at the same time is a hard thing. For helping you find a cheap office chair, we’ve done thorough research and come up with the 15 best office chairs under $500.

This article will help you choose the right pick for yourself as it lists down a variety of comfortable office chairs for different users. Regardless of your choice in design, style, features, and comfort, you’ll find a chair that meets your requirements while being under 500 bucks and is available on Amazon. So, keep reading!

Best Mesh Chair

Best High Back Chair

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HON Office Chair Ignition 2.0

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

15 Best Office Chairs Under $500

SIDIZ- Best Mesh Office Chair With Headrest Under $500!

SIDIZ T50 Ergonomic Home Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 28.9"D x 28.9"W x 45.8"H

  • Material: Mesh, fabric, sponge, PP, nylon, plastic, steel

  • Fabric Color: Blue, Beige, Black, Grey

The first and foremost chair on the list of the best ergonomic office chairs under $500 is this high-performance chair by SIDIZ. While being at the low price end, this sleek design chair features perfect spinal support that’s the number one need of office workers.

The seat cushion layered in PU and memory foam, adjustable headrest, breathable backrest, and a forward tilt is some of the features that made us choose this T50 ergonomic office chair. No other mesh chair under 500 bucks will guarantee the use of solid materials with durability, which is the highlight of this chair.

Because of its easily accessible levers, you can adjust different functions of the chair without having to leave the seat on every instance. You will also like that this chair can be positioned at 5 different tilting angles, accommodating the seating preferences of different users. If you’re looking for an office chair under $500 in mesh material, this one is going to be the ideal pick for you.

  • Features a detachable seat cover.

  • Can be tilted at different angles.

  • Comfortable seat cushion.

  • Seat depth is uncomfortable for some users.

HON- Best Mesh Office Chair Without Headrest Under $500!

HON Office Chair Ignition 2.0


  • Chair dimensions: 28.5"D x 27"W x 44.5"H

  • Material: Mesh

  • Color: Black, Fog

The next one on the list is this mesh chair by HON. For all the mesh office chair lovers, this one by HON is a perfect pick. Its 4-way stretch mesh back along with the contoured seat cushion keeps your back cool and ensures a comfortable working experience throughout the day respectively.

What made us choose this chair is its height and width adjustable arms, advanced synchro-tilt recline, adjustable lumbar support, tension control, and upright tilt lock. All of these features count under advanced ergonomic features and finding them in a price-efficient chair is a win-win thing.

Not only this but you can also move the seat forward when needed, which is a great thing, especially for users who move back and forth a lot. Lastly, the five-star base with a 360-degree swivel allows ease of movement for the user while providing enough support.

  • Adjustable arms.

  • Maximum weight of 360 pounds.

  • Strong five-star base.

  • Seat height adjustability range is limited.

Steelcase- Best Chair Under $500 For Carpet Flooring!

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions:21"D x 23.5"W x 36.5"H

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Color:Licorice, Blue Jay, Concord, Graphite, Malt, Royal Blue

Looking for an office chair that goes well with your carpet flooring? This one by Steelcase is the ideal pick because of its wheels that are specifically designed to fit carpet flooring. Along with that, you will get a proprietary seat cushion design featuring built-in air pockets that reduce pressure on your body throughout the day.

We included this chair in our list of the best office chairs under $500 because of its sturdy frame finish, adjustability options, and flexor system in the backrest. The last feature allows the chair’s back to conform to the user’s body and provides them with spinal support.

You will like that this chair features fully adjustable arms that can be adjusted up and down pivoted in and out, and shifted backward and forward. This gives the users complete freedom to adjust the armrests according to their comfort and not vice-versa. Another good thing is the tension setting that gives you the choice of adding recline resistance that matches your preferences.

  • Highly adjustable armrests prevent shoulder pain.

  • Choice of adding recline resistance.

  • Adjustable lumbar support.

  • No headrest included.

SERTA- Best Leather High Back Chair Under $500!

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 30.5"D x 27.25"W x 47"H

  • Material: ‎Faux Leather

  • Color: Black, Grey, Chestnut Brown, Ivory

This classic style chair by Serta is a leather office chair is our list of the best office chairs under $500. It has made its way to the list because of its lumbar adjustment knob, padded armrests, and smooth rolling.

The best part about this leather office chair is its easy-to-reach control arm that can be used to adjust the height of the chair. The waterfall seat edge reduces the pressure on the legs and thighs and improves circulation. So, you can have a comfortable seating experience without fatigue and pain.

Leather lovers would find this chair a treat because of its low price with so many user-friendly features. The pillow headrest provides extra support to the head and neck of the user whereas the heavy-duty casters down there guarantee smooth movement on different floor types. (If you’re looking for leather chairs only, you can go through our list of the 10 best leather office chairs)

  • Supports as much as 350 pounds of weight.

  • Made from high-quality leather.

  • A comfortable chair for tall and heavy people.

  • Made of bonded leather, so may not be durable.

DURAMOUNT- Best Adjustable Desk Chair Under $500!

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 26"D x 23.6"W x 42"H

  • Material: Mesh

  • Color:Black

Another chair that you can buy for under $500 is this adjustable desk chair by DURAMOUNT. The highlight of this item is its second adjustment level, which allows you to lock the chair at your preferred recline angle. The breathable mesh backrest keeps your back sweat-free and supports prolonged comfortable sitting.

What we like the most is that the user can adjust the lumbar support in and out as well as up and down, which keeps them well-supported. Also, the recline feature lets you tilt the backrest at your desired angle.

The chair can support a maximum weight of 330 pounds and features rollerblade caster wheels for smooth rolling. The pneumatic controls,  sturdy armrests, and soft seat cushion are some of the features that make this chair a perfect pick for those on a budget.

  • Ergonomic design with lumbar support promotes good posture.

  • Rollerblade wheels ensure a great deal of maneuverability.

  • Thick seat cushion for comfortable seating.

  • May not be suitable for all body types.

GABRYLLY – Best Adjustable Chair Under $500 For Tall People!

GABRYLLY Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 22"D x 25.2"W x 45.3"H

  • Material: Mesh, Nylon

  • Color: Black, Grey

This chair by GABRYLLY is an ideal pick for people between the height range of 5’5″ to 6’2″. We choose it because of its adjustable seat height, headrest, backrest, and flip-up arms that support the user during long hours of working.

The best thing about this chair is its large mesh seat that can accommodate different body types. Office workers who are looking for a chair with recline angle range between 90°-120° will like this chair.

Not only this but the folding armrests make the chair a great choice. You can fold your arms and easily push the chair under your desk. Apart from this, the armrests can also be raised or lowered by simply pressing the buttons present on them. Also, the PU mute wheels roll smoothly on wooden floors and the five-pointed base adds up to the chair’s strength and durability.

  • Swivel function for ease of movement.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Flip-up arms that be raised and lowered easily.
  • Some users find the chair to be too firm for their comfort preferences.

TRICOVA- Best Overall Ergonomic Chair Under $500!

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 27.71D x 11.81"W x 20.87"H

  • Material: Mesh 

  • Color: Black

This chair by TRICOVA has made it to the list as the best overall ergonomic chair that comes under 500 bucks. This is because of its various features such as an adjustable backrest, metal armrests, ergonomic seat, and comfortable seat.

The chair can be tilted up to 130 degrees and the rocking resistance can be set according to the user’s comfort and ease. Similarly, the adjustable backrest adapts to your spine thus preventing your back pain.

Another good thing about this ergonomic chair is its high-density seat foam with a W-shaped design which is suitable even for users with heavy bodies. The 3D armrests with soft PU paddings keep your elbows comfortable while you sit at your desk throughout the day. Lastly, the bid curved foam headrest of this chair provides enough support to your neck and head.

  • Stainless electroplating metal 3D armrests with thick PU padding.

  • Big curved headrest using foam for extra comfort.

  • Seat made of high-density foam providing support for hip and thighs.

  • The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds only.

TfficeTingco – Best Budget-Friendly Chair Under $500!

Ergonomic Office Chair Computer Desk Chairs


  • Chair dimensions: 20"D x 30"W x 20"H

  • Material: Mesh

  • Color: Black

This chair by TfficeTingco is the most budget-friendly option for people looking for the lowest price chair under $500. The chair has caught our attention because of its wide variety of useful features at such a low price.

You get adjustability features at several levels including chair height, 3D armrests, headrests, and lumbar support. The any-position tilt lock gives you the freedom to lock the chair at your desired angle for enhanced comfort. Along with that, the chair can support a maximum weight of 330 pounds and features 360° swivel mute casters allowing smooth rolling.

The chair provides full back support and ensures that the user remains seated for long hours without back pains. The breathable mesh backrest lets the airflow at your back and the comfortable seat cushion prevents pressure from building on your thighs and hips.

  • 90-130 degree synchro reclining that can be locked at any position.

  • Comes with an adjustable padded headrest

  • A weight capacity of 330lbs supports heavy people.

  • Some think the chair cannot be assembled easily.

OdinLake – Best Modern Style Chair Under $500!

OdinLake Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh


  • Dimensions: 20.5"D x 20"W x 49"H

  • Material: Polyurethane

  • Color: Black

Next is this latest modern-style ergonomic chair by OdinLake. We chose the chair because of its dual Dynaflex back support system that adjusts to your back with every action you take. So unlike other traditional chairs, you don’t have to adjust yourself according to the chair.

You can adjust the seat depth of this chair by 2 inches and lock the tilt mechanism at 4 different angles both of which add up to your comfort. As the chair comes with seven supporting points, no part of your body will remain unsupported.

Another interesting thing about this chair is its seat cushion that’s larger compared to the seat cushions of other chairs. It’s an 8 cm elastic cotton cushion that particularly provides support to your hip and thigh area. Lastly, the chair is completely stable and fall-proof and offers ease of rolling on almost all floor types.

  • Four angles tilt locking and footrest for increased comfort.

  • Sturdy frame and five-star base.

  • The large area of seat cushion perfectly supports heavy people. 

  • Probably not suitable for short people because of the tall backrest.

XUER – Best Comfortable Office Chair Under $500!

XUER Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 28.3"D x 26.9"W x 51"H

  • Material: Polyurethane

  • Color: Black

The next item on the list is this ergonomic office chair by XUER. this chair has made its place this because of its adjustable headrest, breathable mesh backrest, 3D adjustable armrests, height adjustment, backrest tilt, and rollerblade wheels.

What we like the most is its S-shaped backrest that automatically fits your lumbar area thus providing you with enough support for the long sitting duration. The chair’s backrest can be tilted to 126 degrees and the height adjustment feature makes it more suitable for office workers.

Having passed BIFMA and SGS tests, the chair is safe to use. Not only this but it supports a maximum weight of 330 pounds without choking. The chair comes with rollerblade wheels that ensure ease of maneuverability and protect the floors from scratches.

  • W-shaped design seat cushion suitable for long sitting hours.

  • Mesh back that keeps your body cool.

  • Supports weight up to 330lbs.

  • Tall users find the headrest a bit lowe.

DUOREST – Best Dual Backrest Office Chair Under $500!

Duorest [Dual-Backrests] Gold Renewal Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions:19.29"D x 20.07"W x 49.25"H

  • Material: Sponge Seat - Cushiony

  • Color: Grey Seat/Black Frame

This chair by DUOREST is one of a kind because of its design and functionality. Its dual backrest system conforms to your back and because of the soft padding used in them, they reduce pressure on your lower back. So whether you recline or sit upright, you will be perfectly supported.
Along with the dual backrest, this DUOREST chair comes with an improved headrest, offering 4 tilt and 7 height adjustment options. This makes it super easy for you to adjust the headrest according to your level of comfort, which plays a great role in relieving pressure on your shoulders and head area. The right balance of cushion and comfort in the high-density sponge cushion adds to the overall sitting experience of the user. It prevents sinkage while ensuring proper posture for long working hours.

You will be happy to know that the advanced synchro mechanism of the chair has ruled out the manual adjustment of the seating position. Now the seat adjusts itself according to the user and when no one’s sitting on it, it goes back to its neutral default seating. your props itself according to has made the change of seating position very convenient.

  • Highly adjustable headrest

  • Dual backrest for increased spinal health

  • Comfortable seat with a wider sitting area

  • Advanced synchro mechanism
  • Armrest adjustability is limited 

KBest – Best High-Quality Leather Chair Under $500!

KBEST High Back Big & Tall 400lb Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 32.3"D x 27.6"W x 48.8"H

  • Material:Leather

  • Color: Black, Brown

Next is this high-quality leather chair by KBest, which is a treat for leather chair admirers. While being under $300, this item is a perfect blend of adjustability, strength, and ergonomics. We picked it up because of its wide seating area, tall backrest, adjustable lumbar support, 360-degree swivel, and high weight capacity.

The chair can bear a maximum weight of 400 pounds, which makes it the best choice for heavy people. The extra-strong metal base of the chair along with its seat plate adds up to its strength and weight-bearing capacity.

You can also adjust the seating height by raising or lowering it according to your preferred position. The high-quality soft-to-touch bonded leather material used in the chair makes it comfortable for the person sitting on it. You can sit on the chair all day long and your hips and lower back won’t feel any signs of fatigue or pain.

  • Bears a maximum weight of 400 pounds

  • High-quality and comfortable leather cushions

  • Rock back and forth between 90 and 110 degrees

  • Some think the casters are not durable 

Nouhaus – Best Simple Executive Office Chair Under $500!

Nouhaus Schedule - Modern Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: W24.80 x D22.83/54.33 x H47.83

  • Material:High Grade PU Leather

  • Color: Black

This chair by Nouhaus is another great pick under $500. It’s a simple executive office chair in leather material delivering luxury and comfort at the same time. We chose this chair specifically for its sleek design and spacious sitting area.

Its synchronized tilt, sturdy swivel, high-grade PU leather material, and room of movement make it the right choice for office workers a desk chair under $500. The chair features fixed geometric arms that are durable, comfy, and sleek with a touch of retro.

What caught our attention was its casters covered in PU, which are smooth on all types of floors including hardwood, tiles, and concrete floors. The one-lever option has made it super convenient to control the tilt lock and adjust the chair’s height from one place. Another great thing about this office chair is its class 4 gas lift which makes it a whole lot easier for the user to play around with the height adjustment.

  • 2:1 synchro reclining making the recline

  • Height adjustment lock

  • Sturdy aluminum wheelbase

  • Limited armrests adjustability options

Newtral – Best Chair Under $500 With Fully Adaptive Lumbar Support!

Newtral Ergonomic Desk Chair with Fully Adaptive Lumbar Support


  • Chair dimensions: 20"D x 20"W x 54"H

  • Material: Mesh, Sponge Seat

  • Color: Black

Another chair on the list is this unique mesh chair with fully adaptive lumbar support by Newtral. You can tell by looking at it that it’s not like traditional mesh chairs with a throughout backrest focused on providing support to the entire back. Rather it’s designed specifically keeping in mind the lumbar portion of the users’ backs.

Because of an auto-chasing mechanism used in it, the lumbar support design lifts your spine and targets to decompress your lumbar discs. This makes the backrest automatically follow the lower back movement of the user ensuring adjustable lumbar support all day long.

Not only this but the backrest can also be reclined and locked in a lot of positions between 96 and 116 degrees. The seat can be lifted up and down and backward and forward and the 3D armrests also add value to the product. The chair perfectly supports tall people with weights up to 300 pounds.

  • Adjustable sitting angles with 5 locking positions

  • The padded armrest surface adds to the comfort

  • The ultra-breathable 4D mesh backrest

  • Not an ideal pick for heavy people

Zuri Furniture – Best Luxury Office Chair Under $500!

Zuri Furniture Forbes Leather High Back Executive Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 27"D x 26.25"W x 49.75"H

  • Material:Leather

  • Color: Tan, Black, Dark Brown, Grey, White

Last but not least, this chair by Zuri Furniture is the best luxury chair on our list of the best office chairs under $500. The chair has caught out attention because of its modern design made of genuine leather material.
You will like that the chair comes with an adjustable seat height, an ergonomic synchro mechanism, and an aluminum swivel base with high-quality casters. The best thing about this chair is that it has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 418 pounds, which is the highest of all the chairs present on the list.

Along with that, the waterfall seat design and reclining range between 90 and 120 degrees are the highlights of this chair. You will get genuine leather not only on the seat and backrest but the armrests as well, which adds to the comfort of the chair. Overall, this chair is a perfect blend of sophistication, comfort, and style.

  • A tension knob allows resistance adjustment while reclining

  • Maximum weight capacity of 418 pounds

  • Seat and backrest recline in a 1:2 ratio

  • Not a good option for short people

Buying Guide – Best Office Chairs Under $500

Now that you know all the options in office chairs that you can buy for under 500 bucks, it’s time to see what to look for in an office chair with budget constraints. So, here are a few things that you should keep in mind while finding an office chair under $500.

Ergonomic features

No matter how much an office chair costs, if it isn’t ergonomic in nature, all of your money will go to waste. Ergonomics is the heart of high-quality office chairs and if you’re looking for increased productivity along with comfort, look for chairs that offer ergonomic features. These include adjustable lumbar support, armrests, headrest, footrest, degree of recline, seat height adjustment, etc.

Material of chair 

Next is the material of the chair. Well, this is a very personal choice as some people like leather while some prefer mesh or fabric material. The price of a chair greatly depends on the material used in it. Materials offering durability and strength are likely to be expensive, which is why you find leather chairs the most expensive of all. But when you’re looking for office chairs under $500, you will hardly get a high-quality option in leather material. For this, you’ll have to see chairs in the mesh material as they offer quality even under $500.

Price of chair

Price is another factor that dictates your choice of an office chair. People with budget limitations need to prioritize the features they want to have in their office chairs. The price range between $300 and $500 is decent and one can get a good-quality chair within this range.


Before you decide which chair should you buy, let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about office chairs under $500.

What is the best office chair for sitting for long hours?

It depends on which features you want to have in the chair and your budget range. However, some popular options in this regard include the Herman Miller Aeron chair and the Steelcase Gesture chair.

Are there any office chairs under $500 with adjustable lumbar support?

Yes, there are office chairs under $500 that allow you to adjust the lumbar according to your level of comfort. We have included many such options in our list mentioned above.

What features should I look for in an office chair under $500?

You should look for adjustable seat height, lumbar support, headrest, armrests, seat depth, and ease of reclining.

Final Verdict!

To sum it up, not everyone can take the liberty of budget while looking for an office or task chair. Most people like to buy office chairs that come under $500, which also makes sense. Office chairs under $500 are not only durable but also come with various ergonomic features and adjustability options.

We’ve tried to list down the best ergonomic chairs under $500 that cover the requirements of a lot of users. Our list comprises mostly mesh office chairs that offer both quality and comfort along with some other chairs. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly comfortable office chair, check out our top picks.

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