How to Adjust an Office Chair Height Without Lever
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How to Adjust an Office Chair Height Without Lever?

How to adjust an office chair height without lever? This question haunts all those who have office chairs with a broken lever or no lever at all.

Simply speaking, turn your chair’s seat clockwise or anticlockwise. Either of the directions will be able to adjust the height of your chair, and you’ll be good to go. You can also make use of the bolt under your chair for playing around with the chair’s height.

A third approach that’s quite helpful for users with chairs that cannot be raised is the use of seat cushions. They not only elevate the height but also bring comfort to the overall seating experience of the user. Similarly, users with already elevated chairs, that cannot be lowered, can add footrests and enjoy comfort.

For a detailed account of how these methods work, keep reading. Moving forward, we will also discuss the disadvantages of a poorly adjusted office chair and also determine the standard office chair height for you.

How to Adjust an Office Chair Height Without Lever?

Most modern chairs have a height adjustment lever that works perfectly well for raising or lowering the height of the chair. However, adjusting an old office chair model or a non-pneumatic chair is a real task. So, you can take help in some of the ways listed below:

Turning Seat Clockwise or Anticlockwise

The first method of adjusting an office chair without a lever is by rotating the seat manually. Follow these steps in a row and get to the solution.

Turning Seat to Adjust an Office Chair Height

Step 1 

First of all, you have to stand up from the chair. Because an office chair that does not have a lever can not be adjusted while sitting on it.

Step 2

After that, turn the chair manually clockwise or anticlockwise and determine the effect of these rotations. In general, clockwise rotation is used to raise the height and anticlockwise rotation decreases the height. However, it can work the other way around as well in some models.

Step 3 

Once you have determined which rotation is used to raise and which is used to lower the seat of the chair, it’s time to adjust it accordingly. For example, if clockwise rotation raises the height, turn it clockwise to raise and anticlockwise to decrease the height.

Step 4

After adjusting the seat, sit on the chair to determine if it suits you or not. If the seat is not adjusted according to your choice, repeat the above steps until you get comfortable with your seat.

Using Under Chair Bolt Adjustment

Under Chair Bolt to Adjust an Office Chair Height

Another method to raise office chair without lever is using the under-chair bolt adjustment. A bolt must be located just beneath the seat of your office chair. This bolt can be used to adjust the height of the office chair if it does not have a lever mechanism.

We’ve already discussed Follow these steps in a row and get to the solution.

Step 1

First of all,  you have to stand up to adjust the seat as we have previously explained that chairs lacking levers cannot be adjusted while sitting on them.

Step 2

Turn the bolt under the seat clockwise or anticlockwise to determine at which turn it lowers or raises. A clockwise rotation can raise the seat for some models and for others, it can lower the seat. Similarly, the effect of anticlockwise rotation also varies from model to model.

Step 3

After determining the impact of rotating the bolt on the height of the chair, adjust it according to your comfort.

Step 4

After adjusting the office chair, sit on it and make sure that you are comfortable. If you are still uncomfortable with your seat, repeat the above-mentioned steps to get your desired adjustment.

Use Cushions to Elevate the Chair 

Use Cushions to Elevate the Chair

Cushions can be used to raise office chair height. However, this method works only to increase the height of the office chair. It cannot help you to lower the seat of the office chair.

This method involves replacing the old seat cushion with a new one or adding an extra cushion on the seat to slightly elevate it.

Seat cushions are easily available online and in furniture shops. Buy a suit cushion that suits your chair measurements and replace it with the previous cushion or use it as an additional one.

Use a Footrest if the Chair is too Elevated 

Footrest to adjust office chair height

Just like the cushion method only raises the office chair’s height, the footrest method only helps you if the seat of your chair is too high.  If you have failed to decrease the height of your chair, get a footrest and place it underneath your desk to keep your feet flat on it.

The footrest would allow you to sit comfortably in a good posture while keeping your feet and arms relaxed and at a comfortable working height. You can buy footrests easily from online or in-house furniture stores.

As you have gone through several methods of adjusting the office chair without having a lever. Let’s see the disadvantages of a poorly adjusted office chair.

Disadvantages of a Poorly Adjusted Office Chair 

Office chairs are designed to provide you with maximum comfort while sitting. The most important feature that adds to your comfort is the seat adjusted to a comfortable ergonomic height.

Poorly Adjusted Office Chair

Many of us dont realize the importance of a properly adjusted office chair. An improperly adjusted office chair can lead to a bad sitting posture and many health issues. Due to poor posture, our muscle alignment gets disturbed which increases the strain on the back, neck, shoulders, and legs.

It also raises the pressure on the back muscles that tire us and we slouch to relax. All this happens unintentionally and we often get to know about it very late.

The solution for back pain starts with adjusting your workspace, especially your office chair. An ergonomic chair is a good option, however, what matters most is adjusting the chair according to your body proportions and then sitting in the correct posture.

What is the Standard Office Chair Height?

Now, let’s understand the ideal ergonomic height for you.

Seat adjustment varies from person to person and task to task. A simple rule of thumb for the correct office chair height adjustment is to fix it in  a position where :

Your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are slightly lower than the level of your hips.

Make sure that your foot is firmly balanced on the floor as it is necessary for low back comfort.

Your elbows must make an angle of 90 degrees when you are sitting and your hands are resting on the surface of the workstation or the keyboard. If the hands are higher than the elbows, your seat is low, so raise it. And if your hands are lower than the elbows,  your seat is high, so decrease its height.

Most importantly, select a comfortable ergonomic office chair that provides a good sitting posture. Buy one which suits your height and body dimensions.

Bottom Line!

In a nutshell, office chairs that do not have a lever for height adjustment can be adjusted manually. There are different ways to lock office chair height. First, you can adjust the height of the chair by turning the seat clockwise or anticlockwise until the desired height is achieved.

If that does not work,  you can twist the bolt present under the seat of the office chair to get the required ergonomic height. In both methods, you must determine which rotation (clockwise or anticlockwise) raises and decreases the height.

So what are you waiting for, go and adjust the height of your old office chair in light of the information we provided you.

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