Cover an Office Chair Without Sewing

How to Cover an Office Chair Without Sewing?

Over time, the seat cover of most office chairs gets worn out because of excessive use. It loses its fresh appearance, gets faded, and even torn out.

However, you don’t always need to replace it every time it gets worn out. Instead, you can cover an office chair without sewing. You can do so by using a piece of fabric that goes well with your chair

Even if your seat cover is new, you may still want to replace it because you probably have gotten bored of seeing the same print.

So for converting your desk chair into an attractive furniture piece, you don’t need to know even basic sewing skills. This article will guide you on how to cover an office chair without sewing.

How to Cover an Office Chair Without Sewing?

Many people wonder if office chairs or desk chairs can be covered without sewing or not. Yes, there are many ways to cover an office chair without sewing. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Buy Ready Made Office Chair Covers 

Ready Made Office Chair Covers 

One of the simplest ways to do your office chair makeover is by replacing the old covers of your chair’s backrest or seat cushion. Buying a new cover does not involve any effort at all but costs you a little money. Chair covers are available at different prices. So buy one that suits you economically.

Measure the length and width of the back and seat of your chair. Buy a decent-looking cover that suits your chair and complements the overall workspace as well. Make sure to buy a cover made of washable fabric so that you can reuse it multiple times by washing it.

If you are the person who gets bored with the workspace after a few weeks, buy different ready-made covers and change them from time to time to keep your chair fresh, presentable, and protected.

Use Fabric Glue for Torn-out Parts

Another method to cover an office chair without a sewing machine is using fabric glue on the torn-out parts. Fabric glues are easily available both in stores and online. These glues are not very expensive and are easy to use.

This method is very simple. You just have to take a piece of fabric that can easily cover the damaged area. Place this fabric piece on the torn-out area and apply fabric glue on it so that it sticks to it. Wait until the adhesive completely dries out and then your cover is ready to be used again.

Repair the Old Office Chair Cover 

If the old cover of your office chair has not torn out completely and it has just got dirty you can repair it to reuse it.

Wash the Dirty Cover

If your office chair cover has got dirty, wash it thoroughly with a nice detergent. You can wash the cover by hand as well in the washing machine.

For the latter method, first, mix the detergent in water and soak the cover in it for some time. After that, rub the cover well and rinse it with clear water thoroughly. Allow the cover to dry out completely before putting it back on the chair.

Repair the Holes and Torn out Parts of Cover 

Repair the Old office chair Cover 

If your office chair cover has holes or torn-out parts that are not very large and can be repaired easily, use the following method.

Use small patches of fabric and place them over the holes and use fabric glue as discussed earlier to make it stick to the cover.

Furthermore,  different ready-made iron-on patches are also easily available in the market which is even more simple to use. Just place the patch over the torn surface and iron it. The patch would stick to the torn area and your cover will get a new life.

Non-Sew Cover Alternatives for Office Chairs

If the above-mentioned methods do not work out for your office chair, we are giving you some non-sew cover alternatives as well that you can easily use.

However, the following DIY chair covers can be effective only in a household environment for office or gaming chairs. Using such hacks in a professional office environment would not look decent, nice, and professional at all.

Use Pillow Cases 

Use Pillow Cases 

Pillow Cases are the best options to temporarily revamp your chair. You will need two pillowcases for this method.

Simple Pillowcases can easily work for a standard-size office chair. However, if your chair has rather long dimensions, you can alter the pillowcase by sewing some extra fabric with it.

After that, you have to slip the pillowcase over the backrest of the office chair. Similarly, put another pillowcase on the seat cushion and you are good to go.

Use Old Shirts 

Old shirts are also a good option when it comes to temporarily altering the same chair of yours. You would need two shirts to cover the backrest and seat cushion.

Select shirts that have decent color and can easily fit into your chair. However, you have to modify the collars and arm holes so that it perfectly fits your chair.

Use Bedsheets 

Use Bedsheets

Bed Sheets can serve as instant seat covers for the office chair. Just lay the bed sheet over the top and sides of the armrests and tie it strongly around the chair’s underside. However, don’t cut your new bed sheets for covering office chairs. Only use the old bed sheets that you wouldn’t mind cutting up.

Use Blanket 

You can also use blankets to cover an office chair and give it a new look. Measure the backrest and seat of the office chair and the cut blanket according to those measurements so that it can fit perfectly. Extra fabric sticking out doesn’t look nice and pretty so get around it.

Conclusion – Last Thoughts! 

In a nutshell, there are many ways to cover an office chair that doesn’t involve any sewing. You can either buy a ready-made new office cover or use fabric glue to fix the existing cover. Iron-on patches are also available in different colors and designs. They are even easier to use.

In addition, many non-sew alternatives are already present in your home. The most common DIY office chair cover alternatives are old shirts, blankets, pillowcases, and used bed sheets.

You just need to be a little creative to change the look and appearance of your basic office chair. So what are you waiting for, go and change the look of your boring chair into a brand new one.

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