How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers
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How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

Let’s be honest, a cluttered desk is not a pleasurable sight for anyone. It not only frustrates the user but also reduces his or her work productivity. Drawers, no doubt, make the organization of table things quite easy. But for desks that are without drawers, organization of things can be a challenging task. 

It can be an excellent opportunity to get creative. The good news is that you can place everything you own neatly without a cabinet full of drawers on your desk by making the most of the space you already have. If drawers are not present on your desk, don’t worry! Our tricks and techniques will help you maximize the space on your desk.

How to Organize a Desk Without Drawers?

Below are some of the ways that can help you organize a desk without drawers:

Use vertical desk organizers

A table surface that has a lot of random objects spread all over it can appear cluttered and messy. The same mess can be instantly transformed into something a little more elegant by placing those same items on a tray. A multiple-story paper tray is very useful for organizing paper sheets.

Similarly, invest in desk organizers that have designated spaces for sticky notes, paper clips, pens, etc. It is important to consider vertical organizers because they will let you store things from top to bottom by taking minimal space on the desk.

vertical desk organizers

Use a stand for a PC monitor

When you don’t have drawers, you have to put everything on the table. In this case, you can reduce the space occupied by your PC. One excellent tool for maximizing space on a table is the monitor arm. You can elevate your computer screen off the top of your desk using a monitor stand.

This provides you with lots of extra room to neatly store items underneath, such as notebooks, laptops, keyboards, etc. It is the most effective approach to make some room without having it take up additional space. Its height and angle are adjustable, allowing you to select the best viewing position to lessen neck and eye strain as well.

monitor arm

Fix a tension rod

You can get the extra storage space on your desk you require with a tension rod. It can be fastened to the side of the desk with some screws. S-shaped hooks can be attached to the rod. You can hang your bag or cards with these hooks. This is a handy tip for maintaining a tidy and clutter-free desk surface because it is so easy to add or remove items as needed.

Additionally, your desk would not be harmed if you ever need to remove the tension rod. Tension rods are normally available at most hardware stores, so you can easily get one that fits your desk properly in terms of size.

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Use the wall for hangings

Use the vertical space creatively if you do not have enough desk drawers to maintain your workspace. Hang calendars, file folders, and other frequently used items like scissors using hooks, cork boards, or magnetic strips.

Doing this will free up desktop space and ease the process of grabbing items without having to rummage through a messy drawer. It will also give your workspace a much more fashionable appearance.

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Use a cable tray

If there are too many cords, cables, or wires on your desk, it’s time to organize them. To keep wires neat and out of the way, use cord management products like cord ties and clips. Your desk will appear more organized and decluttered as a result. Furthermore, finding what you need when you need it will be simpler.

Cord management solutions are available online and in most office supply retailers. However, the preferred method is to conceal all of the wires beneath the desk by using a cable tray. This is a really useful tip for maintaining a neat and organized workstation.

Cable Management Under Desk Kit

Use caddies for stationery

It is difficult to keep a large amount of stationery organized on a desktop. A stationery caddy is a fantastic investment to organize pens, scissors, staplers, paper clips, notepads, etc. Stationary stacks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The user can get them according to his or her choice, availability of desktop space, and number of things to be placed.

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Keep a bin under the desk table

If you use a desk without drawers, keeping trash in its place is even more crucial. Extra papers and used notes can pile up on the table.

Keep a trash can underneath the desk or near the workspace table, so you can easily and swiftly get rid of any items you no longer need like old notes or used-up pens.

Bathroom Small Trash Can with Lid

Use rolling carts

Because of their ease of rolling out of the way when not in use, rolling carts are ideal for tiny spaces. They have multiple horizontal shelves to store files and binders and can be placed adjacent to the desk.

Rolling carts are ideal for things that are not used frequently but once in a while. The biggest advantage of using rolling carts is that your things will be easily accessible when needed and out of the way when not in use if they are kept on a wheeled cart.

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Hang a pegboard on the wall

Using pegboard walls to organize a desk without drawers is a brilliant idea. Versatile pegboard walls let a person tailor the arrangement of things to his unique requirements. For instance, you can hang commonly used objects like staplers and scissors using Pegboard hooks.

Alternatively, you can store bulkier objects like binders and notebooks using pegboard shelves. Any desk would benefit greatly from having pegboard walls. They can also assist you in easily reaching out to the item you need during work.

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Add a wooden rack on the table

For adding more vertical storage to your desk, If you do not want to use the wall for any reason, the most viable option is placing a small rack on the table itself.

A square or rectangle-shaped wooden shelf can be placed on your desktop. It is particularly useful if it is placed in a corner or its back siding with the wall.

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Declutter your desktop every day

It is an excellent habit to clean up the desk table either before starting work or after finishing it. Always throw away the useless papers, discard the used sticky notes, set your files, put the pens in pen-holder, and wipe the table, so that the mess is not piled up.

This practice will not only organize your desk but will also give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, which in turn increases work productivity.

Use an acrylic file holder

If your work has such a nature that it involves a lot of files, an acrylic file organizer is an excellent option to consider. It has vertical transparent compartments.

Vertically placing and drawing out the files is easy. In addition to that, the transparent material of the holder makes it easy to locate the desired file.

Vertical Acrylic File Holder, Clear Acrylic, File Folder Sorter, Desktop File Sorter Organizer

Put a paper shredder close to your desk

Shredding paper is an arduous but necessary chore. Many people use a paper shredder for confidential papers. Any paper disposal system is difficult to handle if the shredder is not nearby.

It’s a lot simpler to handle as the papers come in rather than trying to get through a huge stack of them all at once.

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Put portable drawers for the desktop

A separate portable drawer cabinet, usually made of sturdy plastic, can be useful if you have a lot of stuff on the desktop. It can accommodate all of your stationery, files, and papers. The only thing to be considered while investing in portable drawers is that the drawers you choose should be according to the space available, otherwise, their purpose will be lost, because there are both vertical and horizontal file cabinets you can read more about each type, by clicking here.

In the future, if you think that the drawer is not fit for your place, you can simply put it off the table.

Storage Organization, 5 drawer White

Hang an Iron mesh on the wall

A mesh hanger gives an aesthetic look and is very practical. It is the ideal location to stash the numerous bits of paper that seem to accumulate on your desk, especially the meeting notes, reminders, and schedule lists.

Put name labels

Using finger sticky notes, put name plates on paper trays and file compartments. It makes accessibility easy and prevents frustration.

Bottom Line!

The key to organizing a desk without drawers is to keep it simple and frequently declutter it. Designate spaces for the things and put them back in their designated places after use. Keep the unnecessary stuff away. To keep your desk organized the way you like it, find an organizing system that works for you. It feels so good to get into a workflow, start on time, and possibly finish ahead of schedule! You remain much more productive, when everything is easily found or when you are not digging in the clutter. So do not be lazy, tidy up and organize your workspace by the above-mentioned tips.


How do I organize my desk nicely?

You can organize your desk nicely by designating spaces for things and putting them back after use. If you forget, you can add name notes. Discard used sticky notes and pages daily. Keep the cables of your electronic equipment in a cable tray.

What can I use instead of office drawers?

In place of regular office drawers, you can utilize PVC portable drawers, stationery caddies, mesh hangings, hooks, wall hanging racks, pegboards, rolling carts, paper trays, tension rods, etc. The user can choose the setup based on his or her personal choice and available desktop space.

How do you arrange a desk in a small room?

You can arrange a desk in a small room neatly by placing it in a corner or with a wall. The wall or corner provides additional space for putting the table things that otherwise have to be placed on the table or elsewhere in the room.

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