Mesh vs Leather Office Chair
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Mesh vs Leather Office Chair: Pros and Cons

Desk workers are mostly restrained to their seats in the same seating position daily. Hence, the need and importance for an office chair that provides comfort, support, and adequate lumbar protection is paramount. Such office chair minimizes health problems like bad posture, back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Understandably, office chairs providing this level of comfort are made in a certain way from specific types of fabrics that bring all these features to life. Hence, it is imperative to examine the many varieties of chair fabric and materials available on the market and learn about their various features.

Based on material, the most common types of office chairs are mesh chairs and leather chairs. Both types of chairs have their own unique merits and demerits, which must be carefully interpreted before making any choices. Please take a look!

Mesh vs Leather Office Chair: Pros and Cons

Leather chairs offer a more classic, timeless look, making them a popular choice for businesses seeking to project an air of sophistication and reliability. On the other hand, mesh chairs provide better air circulation and often feature adjustable components that are designed to provide a greater level of comfort for extended periods of sitting.

To avoid taking sides, we have provided a comparative analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of mesh and leather chairs which are discussed below.

Pros of Mesh Office Chairs

Let’s start with the beneficial aspects first:

Breathable and cool

mesh office chair breathability

The most decisive factor when choosing a mesh office chair is breathability. This thing is missing in leather and fabric chairs as they trap heat and don’t let it flow. Since the mesh is a material made of a network of threads or wires, its open frame allows for optimal airflow.

Mesh chairs are particularly useful when your office space tends to get warm during the daytime. In such cases, a standard leather office chair doesn’t allow air to pass and you’ll end up being uncomfortable.

Low Maintenance

It is beneficial to have chairs in the office that don’t require a lot of maintenance. Mesh chairs are made with a durable material that is highly resistant to tearing and other forms of wear and tear. It, thereby, is ensuring that they remain in top condition for a longer time without the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Ease of cleaning

Generally, workspaces require the type of furniture that can be readily serviced and kept clean. Mesh fabric office chairs raise the bar for cleaning for sure. They can be wiped clean simply with warm soapy water, before being dried with a cloth or a hairdryer to avoid rusting. Small particles like dirt and dust typically fall to the ground through porous materials.

Better Ergonomics

The ergonomic fit of mesh office chairs for prolonged sitting is improved by their frequent use of clearly defined contours. Unlike office chairs that primarily focus on aesthetics, mesh office chairs, particularly ergonomic mesh chairs, include many useful adjustable ergonomic features.

Ease of portability

Mesh chairs are extremely lightweight and made with quite a simple design and structure. They are considerably easier to lift, when needed, due to their lightweight. This feature greatly facilitates turning them over, particularly when cleaning the bottom of the chair and the wheels.

Affordable Price Options

Mesh chairs are available at both ends of the price spectrum. Those on a budget can find good quality chairs for a low cost that can provide good service for a fraction of the price. On the other hand, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, there are higher-end mesh chairs that offer quality, luxury, and greater adjustability for optimal comfort.

Advantages of mesh office chair

Cons of Mesh Office Chair

While mesh chairs are providing an overall good experience, there could be some drawbacks to consider:

Sagging Overtime

Unlike leather or upholstery chairs, mesh chairs have the tendency to deteriorate over time. Mesh structure weakens and expands as time passes, which makes your seat sag. This ultimately makes your chair less supportive, which can result in an uncomfortable seating experience. If left unchecked for a long time, the direct result will be severe back pains.  ​

Lack of comfortability 

While the breathability of mesh chairs may provide relief from discomfort caused by sitting in them, their lack of plushness means they are not as comfortable as other chairs. Also, mesh chairs feel scratchy when in contact with the skin. This is the case with cheap mesh chairs that are not made with better quality material.

Aesthetically Not Pleasing

It is essential to consider the aesthetic appeal of furniture in an office environment. The apparent look of the office interior has a significant impact on the mood and productivity of workers. Mesh office chairs are often limited to a few basic shapes and colors. The lack of variety of design and color options for mesh chairs makes them somewhat dull in terms of aesthetics.

Pros of Leather Office Chair

A genuine leather office chair provides users with the following benefits:

Best Cushioning

The level of comfort leather office chairs provides is matchless. The finest leather chairs come with well-padded cushioning that provides enough support to the user and enables them to sit comfortably for long periods. This helps to minimize any aches and pains that may arise from spending the workday seated in the same position.

Luxurious Appearance

The right furniture can not only create a sense of comfort and relaxation but also enhance the aesthetics of a workspace. A leather chair is a great example of luxurious furniture that can add a sense of sophistication and class to any space. With its soft texture and modern design, a leather chair can bring in the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning a leather chair is not difficult, but it does require a gentle touch and the right supplies. You can simply dust the chair for cleaning it. In case of sweat marks on a pigmented leather office chair, you can use a soapy solution. Office chairs made of aniline-dyed leather should not be cleaned using this technique because it risks damaging the delicate leather.

Durable and long-lasting

Leather chairs are resilient and able to withstand repeated use while maintaining an immaculate condition for a long time. They require little maintenance and also tend to be well-constructed, with sturdy frames and components that will last for years.

However, the degree of durability depends on the grade of leather used in the chair. As we all know that there are different leather classifications and each one of them has different durability levels. Leather grades offering greater durability are expensive and that’s the only con.

Advantages of leather office chairs

Cons of Leather Office Chairs

With all the advantages offered, a leather chair comes with these disadvantages:

Lack of Breathability

The lack of breathability of a leather chair is a common complaint among users. This is because leather is not a breathable material, as it does not allow air and moisture to escape. As a result, it can cause you to become unpleasantly hot and stuffy.

Bleaching and Cracking

Sunlight is the biggest enemy of office furniture specially made of leather material. It can cause the leather chair to bleach, which may not have a significant detrimental effect on its functionality but may alleviate its aesthetic appeal. To prevent this, owners of leather chairs should use protective coverings such as throws or blankets whenever possible, and keep the chair out of direct sunlight

Highly Priced

If you’re on a budget, you can go for faux leather as it’s cheap but then you would have to compromise on quality. Real leather office chairs, however, are pricey. Even a basic one seems to cost a fortune but they are worth it for the long-term durability they provide. With the right leather office chair, one can enjoy superior ergonomic support and a timeless classic look that will be admired for many years to come.

Leather or Mesh: Which Chair is Better?

Here, we are offering a compare and contrast for mesh and leather office chairs. So keep reading!


Mesh Office Chair

Leather Office Chair


Offices with mesh chairs often present a boring look because of the minimal style and less variety of colors available in mess material. 

Leather chairs bring luxury and sophistication to the overall space. No other chair features the grandeur and comfort found in leather chairs. 


No material matches the level of breathability provided by mesh material. Your skin can breathe easily with mesh chairs because of all the open space and aeration they provide.

Leather and other materials severely limit breathability and over time build up heat. Due to this reason, leather can be quite uncomfortable to sit on during hot and humid days.


Lack of cushioning in mesh chairs do not provide adequate support for the lower back and this can become uncomfortable when sitting for extended time.

Well-cushioned leather chairs with adjustable features like seat height, width, and depth adjustments bring comfort. 


The cost of mesh office chairs varies between two extremes depending upon the features. On the lower end, you have numerous options with basic mesh task chairs priced to sell.

Leather chairs are expensive compared to mesh chairs for sure. But, they are a one-time investment given the quality and comfort that will pay off in the long run.


Mesh office chairs lose their structure very soon. The sitting net start to sag after continual use making the chair unfit for use

Leather office chairs are more durable than mesh office chairs. If used with care and proper maintenance, leather office chairs can last for a longer time. 


Mesh chairs are very easy to clean. No particular equipment is required to clean a mesh chair.

Cleaning a leather chair is not difficult, but does require some special attention. 


Because of light weight of mesh chairs, users can move them with ease and confidence, without having to strain themselves. 

Leather chairs tend to be both heavy and bulky, making them a bit more difficult to move around than lighter mesh chairs. 

Bottom Line!  

Both leather and mesh office chairs have their distinct set of pros and cons, making it difficult for us to shortlist one. If on the one hand, a leather chair comes with a luxurious and stylish look, it may be difficult to clean and prone to cracking over time. On the flip side, mesh material offers decent breathability and comes in affordable pricing options, but may not be as comfortable as leather.

So, mesh vs leather office chair, which is better? At the end of the day, it all depends upon your own choice and priority. When deciding between the two, it is important to consider the atmosphere of your workspace and who will be using it. If you need comfort and looks, go for leather office chairs. Contrary to that, if you are on a budget and need better ventilation, opt for the mesh office chair.

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