Problems with Stressless Chairs
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Problems with Stressless Chairs

Ekornes is a manufacturing company in the Nordic region with its head office in Sykkylven, a city on Norway’s west coast. Ekornes produces its reclining chairs and sofas under the two brand names “Stressless” and “IMG”.

The company Stressless gained popularity swiftly after its formation. The Stressless recliner grew tremendously in popularity in just ten years in the 1970s, first in Norway and then internationally. Stressless recliners have also received recognition from the American Chiropractic Association. Today, you will hardly come across anyone who does not know about Stressless.

Despite being very highly reputed, users have complained about the leather life of stressless recliners. Some people find the company’s customer service unprofessional. Let’s get into the details of some of the problems with stressless chairs.

What are Stressless Chairs?

Stressless chairs and sofas are known for their high-end and premium ergonomics as they come with adjustable reclining mechanisms, which allow users to adjust their chairs and sofas according to their body needs and preferences. The reason they are named stressless is that they keep the strain away from your body and allow it to enjoy a relaxed position depending on how you’re feeling at any particular moment. As your body gets unmatched support from these chairs and you have the liberty to move and adjust the chair however you like, these chairs have the edge over other traditional office chairs. 

What are the Problems with Stressless Chairs?

Stressless chairs do have a good reputation when it comes to comfort, but like all other things, they also have some negative points. Let us have a look at this other side:


What are the Problems with Stressless Chairs

The cost of stressless chairs is very high because of the high quality that is offered. Usually, the cost starts from $2000 and can go beyond $10,000. The expensive cost of leather Stressless Chairs may not be justifiable for individuals on a tight budget or who do not value comfort above all else.

This is also the reason why people wait so eagerly for Ekornes to announce sales of Stressless products. However, if someone has a limited budget, there are a lot of brands offering the best office chairs in different price brackets according to consumer requirements.

Leather can get cracked

Although Stressless Chairs are renowned for offering a snug and comfortable sitting experience, some customers have complained that they can occasionally be less durable than anticipated. These chairs may not last as long as buyers hope despite their high price. There have been reviews about the leather getting cracked or being faded with time. This can be related to some specific models or usage but the concern is there.

Limited after-sale service

Stressless Chairs have drawn criticism for their subpar post-purchase support. Although the company accepts suggestions and grievances, clients frequently need assistance in addressing problems. Additionally, they only offer after-sale support to clients who can produce a receipt from an authorized Stressless store.

Understandably, Stressless can only respond to a warranty issue after a claim has been submitted by a licensed merchant, however, because the main branch is in Norway, there may be a delay in receiving replacement components. Customers who anticipate immediate assistance and a resolution to their problems may find these delays to be infuriating.

Leather Smell Issue

For some users, the typical leather scent of Stressless Chairs is a problem that can be uncomfortable and even give them headaches. A leather cleaner, natural odor absorbers, or blowing out the chair can all be used to address the problem with Stressless Chairs. If the smell problem doesn’t go away, you might need to get in touch with the manufacturer for more guidance. The manufacturer of Stressless Chairs may provide a remedy or replacement if the odor problem is sustained.

Confusing warranty system

The warranty time for Stressless Chairs is unclear and confusing. Only the internal mechanism has a maximum 10-year guarantee. Upholstery and fabric, which gets worn out very quickly, only has a warranty period of 1 year. After which there is no return or replacement option. In addition to that, the power motor has a five-year warranty in which labor and installation costs are not covered. You will be required to pay a labor/installation cost of $100.

Stressless Chairs warranty

Replacements Are Inadequate

Even though Stressless takes quite a long time to supply the replacement, they sometimes send new products with unacceptable errors. Most of the time, they ship the wrong products, which irritates the clients. Some users also reported that replacement gets out of order more quickly than the original part, for example, the seat cushions.

Seat cushions losing support in a few months

Stressless sofas can lose 25% of their cushion support in just 2-3 months even with light use. It is reported to be quite a commonly occurring phenomenon.

Are there any Benefits of Stressless Chairs?

The unique qualities of Stressless chairs make them stand out from other types of furniture. These characteristics emphasize improving user experience, support, and comfort. Let us have a look into the salient features that set Stressless recliners apart from other chair manufacturers.

  1. Highly comfortable: Comfort is the biggest advantage of having a Stressless chair. From foam padding and premium upholstery to smooth gliding mechanisms, stressless chairs are designed to cater to every aspect of comfort. The company 100 percent lives up to its promise in this regard.
  2. Long-lasting and durable: Since the materials used in manufacturing Stressless chairs are of high quality, the life of their recliners and sofas is decades.
  3. Customizable features: From different types of bases to upholstery, color, accessories, and sizes, Stressless chairs provide a range of options for customers to buy. Even in a single model, these chairs come with adjustable reclining mechanisms, excellent lumbar support, and swivel bases.
  4. Sophisticated and stylish aesthetics: The Stressless® brand was developed in the Nordic lands and is heavily inspired by nature. Each furniture product is infused with a genuine sense of poetry and freedom and shows the brand’s dedication to sustainability and simplicity.

Should You Invest in Stressless Chairs?

If you’re unsure whether to spend your money on Stressless chairs, you should know that it is a luxury brand that is worth it if you enjoy comfort over anything else. Users have complained about it, but in the case of people with medical ailments, especially back pain it’s a is indeed a good investment for those people who want to spend the money one time instead of spending it multiple times on low-quality chairs. 

Bottom Line!

For a very long time now, Stressless has been available in the market. With its comfortable and distinctively designed Chairs, it has attracted a sizable number of clients. They not only have a sophisticated appearance but also alter the workplace’s ambiance.  The main issue turning off the customers is that they don’t trust the company’s after-sale assistance. Stressless should work on it to attract more customers.


If you treat your Stressless chair well, it could last up to 20 years. Fewer parts of these chairs are vulnerable to damage since Stressless chairs are of excellent quality and have a simple design. As a result, they can survive a very long time without needing repairs.

Yes, stressless chairs are of good quality in terms of their upholstery fabric, cushioning, and reclining mechanism. They have a good reputation worldwide due to their high quality and have received appreciation from the American Chiropractic Association.

Stressless chairs are not bad for your back. They are the most suitable chair options for people who suffer from any kind of back problem. These chairs help in maintaining a good body posture which prevents back pain and associated problems.

Yes, Stressless chairs are repairable. Every kind of repair is possible with them including leather replacement, recoloring, cleaning, re-upholstery, etc. Usually, the company Stressless itself provides the repairing services but they can take time to do so. 

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