What are the Benefits of Mesh Chairs

What are the Benefits of Mesh Chairs?

Research shows that productivity and comfort are directly linked with each other. A good ergonomic chair provides you with that comfort. Two of the most popular options available in the market are leather and mesh chairs.

There are mixed responses towards mesh chairs currently present in the market. Some people find them a perfect alternative to the typical leather chairs while others think they are just a waste of money.  

So, mesh chairs have their own pros and cons, your choice depends on what you are looking for in your office chair.  If you want to know what are the benefits of mesh chairs, we have listed some below. Take a look at them and see if they align with your requirements for an office chair or not.  

Why a Mesh Office Chair?

Why a Mesh Office Chair

Because of their revolutionary look and feel, a lot of manufacturers have started making mesh chairs as well along with leather ones. These chairs range from basic mesh office chairs to executive ones with advanced ergonomics. 

Additionally, mesh chairs come in various different types. Some have mesh seats and back with no padding included while others have a mesh back and a padded mesh seat.

There is a third category as well that offers both the padded mesh seat and padded mesh back. All of these chairs suit the requirements of different users. However, because of the benefits offered by the mesh material, office furniture especially office chairs made out of mesh material stand out.

Benefits of Mesh Office Chairs

Here are some of the benefits of mesh office chairs:

Provides ventilation

Provides ventilation

Among all the features, ventilation is the first and foremost benefit of a mesh office chair. Traditional foam-padded or leather chairs don’t come up with much ventilation. Body heat remains trapped between your back and the chair which causes sweating and the heat-up of your back. This leads to long-term health issues like back pains. 

Mesh office chairs’ breathability, on the other hand, has no match. An ergonomic mesh chair keeps your back dry by letting the airflow between your back and the chair’s back. It prevents that annoying sweaty patch, which you get in the absence of proper airflow at your back.

This better ventilation keeps your body fatigue-free, cool, and comfortable. A quick tip here is that if you work in a non-air-conditioned space, you should definitely opt for a mesh ergonomic office chair.

Light in weight

Unlike leather chairs, mesh office chairs are lightweight which makes them a perfect pick for offices or home offices. Now because these chairs don’t give you a tough time as far as weight is concerned, you can easily fit them into different spaces of your office. Additionally, if a mesh office chair malfunctions, it can be carried to the furniture repair shop conveniently. 

Ease of cleaning

Another good thing about mesh office chairs is that they are easy to clean. All you need to do is vacuum clean your chair to remove any dirt from it. If any dirt remains, remove it with a warm soap solution or a wet cloth and pat dry at last. 

But keep one thing in mind, don’t be too harsh on your mesh office chair while cleaning as it causes your mesh to fray. Clean them with soft and gentle hands. 

Offers ergonomic support

With the arrival of ergonomic office chairs, the focus has shifted to lumbar support elements. Following the protocols of ergonomic chairs, mesh office chairs also come with ergonomic support. Most mesh office chairs come with an adjustable backrest, adjustable armrests, and chair seat height adjustability options.

A high-quality mesh is strong and soft at the same time. Higher-quality mesh office chairs use soft fibers that are interwoven into the mesh so that it’s soft on the skin. Additionally, such mesh chairs come with great elasticity that allows the mesh back to come to its original shape. This way, they provide great support and comfort to the spine of the users. 

Offers ergonomic support

Improves posture

Improves posture

Posture improvement is another revolutionary thing about mesh office chairs. Although mesh office chairs look uncomfortable, they help you maintain a good posture. The ergonomic design of mesh office chairs helps promote posture and provides excellent support to your body.

Also, with their curved back, mesh office chairs provide support to your upper spine. Some of the mesh chairs come with fixed or adjustable headrests that add to their usefulness. This way, mesh office chairs improve your sitting experience.

Easy to assemble

The good part about mesh office chairs is that they are quite easy to assemble. It hardly takes 10 minutes to put a mesh office chair up. Like most other office products, mesh chairs also come with an assembling manual. 

So, it can be set up with little to no difficulty by reading the manual. Also, if additional help is needed, you can always take guidance from youtube videos regarding mesh chair assembling

Unique styling and design

The overall design and style of mesh office chairs are unique and attractive, which allows them to fit any office environment. In mesh chairs also, design and the overall look and feel vary from chair to chair.

Some chairs are full mesh chairs and some come with mesh backs only. This gives them a unique appearance as compared to the typical leather office chairs. 

Not prone to scratches

Unlike traditional chairs, mesh office chairs aren’t prone to scratches. If the leather upholstery gets the first scratch, there is no going back from the full leather damage. 

On the other hand, a good-quality mesh chair doesn’t wear out that quickly. However, if you don’t take care of the chair altogether, it has the same level of damage as the other chairs.

Low in price

Price is the first thing that pops up in one’s mind when choosing office furniture. Not every business can afford pricey furniture. So, it’s imperative that you sit back and weigh the prices of different ergonomic chairs and check what’s offered in a particular price range and features.

Mesh office chairs are cheaper compared to leather chairs. Normally, a good mesh chair comes within the range of $129 and $400. So, you have a wide price range to choose from.

Conclusion – The Bottom Line!

In sum, mesh office chairs are a great alternative to leather and fabric chairs. Because of their countless benefits, they are a go-to pick for offices nowadays. 

Mesh office chairs offer excellent ventilation, are lightweight and easy to clean, and offer good ergonomic support.

With all these benefits, you should definitely look for your new office chair and start enjoying your working experience. Do let us know what your thoughts are on mesh office chairs. 

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