Why Are Ergonomic Chairs Expensive
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Why Are Ergonomic Chairs Expensive?

A well-built ergonomic office chair has sky-high prices nowadays. This factor makes all of you wonder whether it would be worth it not to invest in buying such expensive chairs.

Even if you are satisfied with the features and durability of the office chair, you would still feel reluctant before making such a costly purchase. It’s because office chairs used to be quite affordable and cheap, say some 15 to 20 years back.

In this article, we are giving you all the reasons why are ergonomic chairs expensive and whether it would be worth it or not to make a large investment in buying an office chair.

Why Are Ergonomic Chairs Expensive?  

Office chairs are available in the markets at different prices. Even simple office chairs cost you around $50 to $100. However, the price of a premium quality ergonomic chair may range from $1000 to $2000.

Such a notable price contrast naturally makes us wonder what is special in certain office chairs that makes them so expensive than others. So, here are all the right reasons that make an ergonomic office chair an expensive chair:

1. Use More Comfortable and Supportive Materials  

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An ergonomic office chair adapts to the body type and physical dimensions of users for providing high levels of comfort and support while long working hours. Therefore, high-quality materials are used in its design and construction.

For example, a traditional office chair is normally made of cheap fibers or plastic and has thin padding in the seat, armrests, and backrest. Contrarily, well-built ergonomic task chairs use polyurethane, vinyl, and leather materials in their construction.

It also has high-density foam in its backrest, seat, and armrests that enhances a comfortable sitting experience. The use of such comfortable and supportive materials contributes to the overall cost of an ergonomic office chair.

2. Have Adjustable Features 

Another factor behind the high cost of an ergonomic office chair is its adjustable features. A traditional office chair typically contains fixed features that make it hard for you to customize it according to your sitting preferences.

On the other hand, there are different adjustment mechanisms such as gas lifts, levers, knobs, etc. installed in an ergonomic office chair. These mechanisms allow the user to adjust the height, armrests, and lumbar support of the chair to fit his/her body contours.

The installation of these mechanisms increases the cost of office chairs. However, it should be noted that not all chairs have the same adjustment features, therefore the price may vary.

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3. Promise Health Benefits 

As discussed earlier, many ergonomic chairs are made of comfortable and supportive materials and can be adjusted as per the body type of users. In this way, it ensures that users sit comfortably and adopt a correct sitting posture.

A correct sitting posture in turn brings myriad health benefits such as higher productivity levels, improved metabolism, and blood circulation, and eliminating the risks of any strain or injury to the back and shoulders. Of course, if a chair provides you with so many health benefits,  it should be expensive, right?

4. Inflation is Making Everything Expensive 

We can’t ignore the factor of inflation while discussing the reasons for the hike in the prices of office chairs. Everything is getting more and more pricey in the markets with each passing day.

In recent years, incidents such as Covid-19, subsequent lockdowns, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have disturbed the global supply chains, further exacerbating the situation. In the USA only, the inflation rate has quadrupled in the last two years (2020-2022).

In other countries,  this rate is even higher. In this light, it is obvious that ergonomic office chairs have also undergone a high rise in their prices across different countries of the globe.

5. Research and Development of Ergonomic Chairs Takes Huge Budget  

Unlike your dining room chairs, ergonomic chairs are built after thorough research and development. An extensive study of human anatomy is required to point out the parts of the human body that are susceptible to maximum pain and pressure.

Different designs and materials are tried and tested to find out what provides maximum comfort and well-being to users. Advanced technologies and complex mechanisms are required for the development of adjustable features for ergonomic office chairs. All these factors undoubtedly add to the construction cost of these chairs which is then reflected in the resultant high prices.

6. Different Brands have Different Price Ranges 

Prices of office chairs vary from brand to brand. Some popular brands offer their products at high prices as compared to others because they already enjoy a strong customer base and people trust their products.

Such brands generally produce high-quality products and invest heavily in research and development as well as marketing and advertising.  Due to all these factors, they also charge premium prices for their products. On the other hand, some brands charge reasonable prices for their products.

In this regard, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to buy an office chair from a well-known brand but from the one that suits your needs and preferences.  Some factors to consider while choosing a brand for buying an office chair include warranties, the durability of its products, and the reviews given by other users.

7. Prolonged Warranties Ensure that your Investments are Safe 

Ergonomic office chairs, in general, provide long warranties that protect the investment of users. Some of these warranties can even last for more than 10 years and the manufacturer is responsible for repairing or replacing the product within the given time duration.

However, the exact terms and conditions of a warranty vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model.  In this regard,  some brands cover a specific loss while others provide security against all types of damages.

Are Ergonomic Chairs Worth the Money? 

Having discussed all the factors that cater to why are ergonomic office chairs so expensive, let’s understand if these chairs are worth the high price or not.

  • A good quality ergonomic office is a one-time investment as it lasts for decades. In contrast, a traditional office chair might be way cheaper but you have to replace it after every 2 to 3 years which would equate to or even exceed the price of an ergonomic office chair in the longer run.
  • Ergonomic office chairs usually come with long and better warranties that ensure that your investment will not go to waste.
  • Ergonomic office chairs provide myriad health benefits and avoid any risk of pain or injury. In this way, it saves plenty of medication bills and expenses that you have to pay otherwise if you use a cheap office chair.
  • Last but not least, the sleek and stylish designs of an ergonomic office chair in a range of color options make it a luxurious and aesthetic addition to your workspace and luxuries do cost a lot of money, my dear friend.

In the light of factors discussed above, we recommend that if you have a decent budget, it is better to invest in your office chair. Buying an ergonomic office chair would surely transform your overall sitting experience and make you more productive and active.

Final Thoughts! 

In a nutshell, the high costs of ergonomic office chairs restrain many people from buying them. However, these chairs are worth the high price as they offer myriad physical and mental health benefits. An ergonomic office chair is designed after detailed research and then developed with high-quality materials.

Although there are several cheap office chairs available in the market, ergonomic chairs serve you for decades. Unlike regular office chairs, these chairs also have extended warranties and ergonomic seats that keep your investment secure. Therefore, all these factors combine to result in the high price of an ergonomic office chair.

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