Benefits of having an office chair with headrest

Benefits of having an office chair with headrest

Office chairs are an integral part of office furniture and in current times they add up to the office interior as well. But nothing is contestable in front of the comfort of the person sitting on a chair. Thanks to ergonomic chairs, they best provide this comfort.

Among their various features, ergonomic chairs are also known for their comfortable headrests. A headrest isn’t a must-have feature for an office chair, but the benefits of having an office chair with headrest cannot be overstated.

Extended office hours, with no head support, might sometimes be exhausting. It’s not necessary that your chair has a headrest, but trust me, it does comfort your day-to-day sitting and reduces pain by providing extra support.

It’s totally up to you to add or subtract it from your office chair. Also, it depends on a number of factors that we’ll be discussing later in this article.

We’ll also throw light on different types of office chair headrests and some things you should consider while shopping for an office chair with a headrest. But first, let’s just talk a little about some of the benefits of having an office chair with headrest.

Benefits of having an office chair with headrest

Office chairs with a headrest offer a number of benefits that anybody would love to fall for. But, the most interesting things about them include a better posture, relief from pain, maximum comfort, adjustability while reclining, increased productivity, and comfortable sitting.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of having an office chair with headrest!

1. Correcting your posture

The first and foremost advantage of an office chair with a headrest is better posture. Your posture determines how healthy your body is and how productive are you at work.

An ergonomic office chair provides you with good head and neck support. You maintain a comfortable position where hunching forward is avoided. An office chair with a tall back keeps you symmetrically aligned and a good headrest is an essential part of such a chair.

The headrest allows you to sit the right way. Now, what is the right way? Well, sitting upright is the right way to go with. You should ensure that your back is straight and your buttocks touch your chair’s back. You can adjust the headrest to your desired height as most ergonomic chairs come with an adjustable option.

Relief from neck and shoulder pain

2. Relief from neck and shoulder pain

Another benefit of having an office chair with a headrest is pain-free long sitting hours. People working in the corporate sector or other fields work for more than 35 hours a week.

So, they need constant support for different body parts during work hours. With constant sitting and giving little to no relaxation to your neck and shoulders, you’ll end up in great trouble.

With this much sitting comes muscle stiffness. So, for keeping your neck muscles relaxed, you should get a chair with an ergonomic headrest.

3. Head and neck support during breaks

Where an ideal seat depth is crucial for making the sitting experience comfortable for the user, a headrest can be a great feature in times of relaxation. For instance, during phone calls and when in a reclined position, you’ll definitely love to support your head and neck with a headrest.

Office chairs without headrests don’t provide solid head support and staying upwards is not possible with them. So, adding a headrest to your chair is always a good option. It ensures that you don’t get neck pain and your neck and shoulder muscles remain relaxed.

4. Increased productivity in the workplace

Another benefit of headrests is the increased productivity you get at the workplace. During breaks, you can rest comfortably on the headrest. This will keep you more productive and focused because a relaxed body means a relaxed mind which definitely reflects in the quality of work you produce.

Adding comfort to your sitting

5. Adding comfort to your sitting

An ergonomic office chair with a headrest definitely brings comfort to your sitting. These chairs let you maintain a good posture and provide enough back support for long hours.

Now, most of the ergonomically designed chairs focus on lumbar support and miss the upper back portion, especially the shoulders and head, and neck area.

But the perfect office chair will be one focusing on the entire body of the person sitting on it. Without neck and head support for long periods of sitting causes muscle tension and joint issues. There comes the need for a comfortable chair that helps you maintain the perfect posture for long hours.

Things to Consider While Buying an Office Chair with Headrest

As the basic purpose of a headrest is to provide support to the head, it totally depends if you want one or can survive well without it. Now that you have had an idea about the different benefits of having an office chair with headrest, it’s time to finally get one.

While you shop for such a chair, keep a checklist in your mind. These points are related to the ergonomics of an office chair, chair usage, and your head fit. These three things would define what type of headrest would suit you or do you need any or not.

1. Ergonomics of the chair

Ergonomics of the chair

Some people believe that headrest isn’t an essential component of ergonomic office chairs. According to them, as long as a chair comes with a backrest and armrest and the natural curve of your back is well-supported, you don’t need a headrest.

But, in reality, a headrest is always a useful option for maintaining good posture and keeping you safe from acute neck pains. So, you need to see if the headrest can be adjusted according to your seat height because some ergonomic chairs don’t allow a lot of adjustability options in headrests.

2. Chair Usage

Chair usage is another important factor that dictates the choice of the headrest. People who sit for long periods straight develop poor posture with time and are habitual to forward tilt as well. So, for them, an ergonomic chair that comes with a headrest option is very important.

Many office chairs can be adjusted according to one’s comfort by using the knobs underneath. In that case, you should see get a chair that has a headrest as well, so you can enjoy more comfort during breaks.

3. Head fit

For people, who sit for long hours at their work desk and are always putting pressure on their muscles, they should test the headrest before buying the chair or the headrest itself if it’s adjustable or not. Because, if it doesn’t fit your head area correctly, the whole idea behind getting one is destroyed.

Head fit is a real issue for people with 5’3’’ or below or 6’3’’ and above height. People with height in between this range can get along with any head type of headrest. But for short people, getting a headrest that is low enough to fit into their neck curve headrest is very important.

Similarly, for those with tall height, if they don’t get the right headrest, it can hit them on the top of their shoulder instead of the neck curve. So, very important to check if the headrest rightly fits your head or not so that you can maintain a good posture.

4. Headrest adjustability

Headrest adjustability for office chair with headrest

Headrest adjustability is another significant factor that goes into the choice of an office chair. It’s really important to see beforehand how adjustable is the headrest you are going to buy.

Some chairs come with a built-in headrest with no adjustability options. So, they should be avoided because they can be good for people of a certain body type or height.

Then comes the height-adjustable headrests. They accommodate different body types and heights. So, you can adjust the height of your headrest as per your requirements. Lastly, a fully adjustable headrest is the best option of all.

These headrests not only can be adjusted up and down but forward and outward as well. The tilt options make it useful for a number of people with different requirements.

5. Material of the headrest

Material of the headrest for office chair

Last but not least, you need to see which material is used in the headrest. Most office chairs use the same material in the entire chair but there are chairs that use different materials in different parts of the chair. So, always check the material first.

If you are looking for a breathable headrest, you should choose a mesh office chair. This will keep you sweat-free and will allow flexibility as well because of the mesh material used in the chair.

Last Thoughts!

Lastly, chairs with adjustable armrests, adjustable backrests, and headrests offer various health benefits. They ensure to correct your bad posture and provide you full spine support.

So, no one can deny the benefits of having an office chair with headrest, especially for people who sit for a long duration and develop muscle tension. It helps reduce pain for them so that they can be more productive at work.

Have you gotten your new office chair which allows you to maintain the correct posture while you are at your office desk?

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