Best Office Chairs Under $300
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Best Office Chairs Under $300

Our experience in using different office chairs, over the years, has compelled us to write about some of the affordable office chair options. Every chair on our list is our favorite because of its suitability for a certain type of user. What sets all of them apart from the lot is their price. 

Each chair discussed below costs you less than $300. Isn’t it the reason you’re here? While doing our research to pick up office chairs that are great in terms of functionality and don’t stripe you off your budget, we were able to shortlist the 10 best options. 

If you’re short on time, pick up the Oline ErgoPro chair because of its great adjustability features. For people who are looking for something in leather, then AmazonCommercial’s High-Back chair is the right choice.

Having said that, if you can stretch your budget up to $500 or you are specifically looking for leather chair options you can check out the options discussed in these detailed guides as well.

Best Mesh Office Chair Under $300

Best Mesh Office Chair Under $300

Best Adjustable Office Chair Under $300


H HONSIT Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with Retractable Footrest

Amazon Commercial Ergonomic High-Back Leather Executive Chair

Oline ErgoPro Mesh Office Chair with 4D Adjustable Armrest

10 Best Office Chairs Under $300

Now we will dig deep into each chair on the list and see which one suits which types of users.

Oline ErgoPro – Best Ajustable Chair For All!

The first chair on our list of the 10 best office chairs under $300 is this ergonomic chair by Oline. The chair fits the criterion of chiropractors because of its ability to align with the spine of users and provide them with enough lumbar support. 

You can easily adjust the chair’s recline feature from 90 to 120 to 135 degrees for maximum comfortability. Another great thing about Oline is its ergonomically designed wheels which allow users a smooth and noise-free rolling experience. 

While testing it, we loved that it was made of breathable mesh material and despite looking like a delicate chair it could bear as much as 300 lbs of weight. Online’s seat height adjustability and adjustable headrest make it one of the most suitable options for people looking for an ergonomic and adjustable office chair.

Oline ErgoPro Mesh Office Chair with 4D Adjustable Armrest


  • Chair dimensions:26"D x 26"W x 53"H

  • Material: Mesh, Metal

  • Color: Black, Navy Blue, White, Grey, Burgundy

Pros and Cons of Oline


  • The chair has highly adjustable armrests
  • It comes with an excellent lumbar support
  • You can easily assemble the chair at home 


  • The seat is not very comfortable 
  • Even at its lowest height setting, some users find the chair tall because of blade-style wheels.

AmazonCommercial – Best Leather Office Chair!

The next chair on our list is by AmazonCommercial. Made of bonded leather and giving a stylish feel to the office space, this chair is a perfect pick for leather lovers. 

What we like the most about this hair is its high back that provides great lumbar support. Its elevated headrest and cable-actuated seat height adjustment allow the user to experience a very customized seating experience. 

The chair is a great mix of style, comfort, and sturdiness. We were genuinely impressed by the quality of the upholstery used in the chair. At such a reasonable price, it’s hard, if not impossible, to find a chair that’s stylish and functional.

Amazon Commercial - Best Leather Office Chair!


  • Chair dimensions: 31"D x 28.5"W x 44.75"H

  • Material: Leather

  • Color: Black, Sky Blue, Green, Slate

Pros and Cons of Amazon Commercial


  • It has dynamic adjustability and suits a wide range of users 
  • The chair is easy to move because of its oversize casters 
  • Offers a great deal of comfort 


  • Not suitable for short and thin people 
  • The arms cannot be removed

H HONSIT – Best Office Chair For All!

This highly ergonomic chair by H HONSIT is a great tick all the boxes of a budget-friendly fully functional chair. Its adjustable lumbar support targets the lower back of users thus preventing any sort of back pain. 

What we liked the most was its retractable footrest, which allows you to relax your legs when not working and can be put back when not being used. The chair can recline between 90 degrees and 135 degrees and its breathable mesh design cancels out all chances of precipitation and discomfort.

You will like its headrest feature that offers height and angle adjustability for proper head and spine support. When using this chair, the level of armrest adjustability you get is amazing.

H HONSIT - Best Office Chair For All!


  • Chair dimensions:29.13"D x 30.31"W x 48.62"H

  • Material: Breathable Mesh, Nylon, Metal

  • Color: Black, Green, Pink

Pros and Cons of H HONSIT


  • Comes with a retractable foot paddle for added support 
  • Can support 300 lbs weight with stability 
  • Has 360-degree silent casters for easy and smooth mobility 


  • Not suitable for short people
  • The headrest is fixed and cannot be removed in case the user doesn’t need it.

Branch – Best Task Chair For Short Duration Use!

This stylish task chair is a perfect choice for offices with space issues. It’s made of 70 percent recycled materials, so it’s a great option for environment-friendly users. With its adjustability options for seat height, armrest height, and tilt tension, it’s a great option.  

When testing this chair, we were happy to find out that its seat could be adjusted according to the unique body of the users. The chair has a polymer frame and nylon base, adding to its strength and stability. 

You will also like that when rolling on different floors, the chair doesn’t leave scratches.  Not just this, but the amazing color options and easy assembly make it a perfect choice for users looking for chairs for short-duration use.

Branch - Best Task Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 22"D x 22"W x 38"H

  • Material: Polypropylene

  • Color: Black, Sky Blue, Green, Slate

Pros and Cons of Branch 


  • It has a stylish appearance
  • The chair comes with a backrest tilt and lock 
  • Strong and smooth nylon casters 


  • Not suitable for heavy-weight people as it can support as much as 225 lbs
  • It’s not suitable for long working hours

GABRYLLY – Best Office Chair with Adjustable Armrests!

The next chair we have shortlisted for you is GABRYLLY’s. This chair perfectly suits people between 5 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 2 inches. We like that the chair provides supporting points including the head, hands, back, and hips.

Its flip-up armrests can easily be raised or lowered, depending on your preference. Not just this but the armrest can be folded at 45 degrees so you can easily slide the chair under your desk and save more space.

The high-quality mesh used in its construction resists abrasion and maintains air flow, thus keeping the user comfortable. Another thing that you will like in this chair is its mesh headrest that keeps your head cool when you’re using it.

GABRYLLY Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 22"D x 25.2"W x 45.3"H

  • Material: Mesh, Nylon

  • Color: Black, Grey

Pros and Cons of GABRYLLY


  • Comes with highly adjustable and foldable flip-up armrests
  • Suitable for taller people 
  • 5-year warranty and great customer support 


  • Some users find the mesh backrest a little scratchy
  • Not a good choice for short-height people

SIHOO M18 – Best Chair For Bulky People!

Another mesh chair on the list is by SIHOO M18, which is a great option for tall and heavy people.

The chair features a flexible mesh backrest that keeps your back sweat-free during long work sessions. When you sit on it, you will experience that your shoulder vertebrae are well-supported and you can maintain a healthy posture, overall.

What attracted us was its high-pressure handling. Aluminum alloy has been used to make the base of the chair, which is why its maximum weight-bearing capacity is up to 330 lbs. Moreover, SIHOO M18 has made sure that the chair has a robust gas lift, which is made of steel and can easily move the chair up and down.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair 


  • Chair dimensions: 25.39"D x 51.37"W x 27.16"H

  • Material:  Nylon Mesh 

  • Color: Black

Pros and Cons of SIHOO M18


  • It can support weights up to 330 lbs 
  • Made up of breathable and flexible mesh material 
  • Suitable for long sitting hours 


  • Some users find the mesh back abrasive

Ticova – Best Mesh Office Chair With Soft Padded Armrests!

This chair by TRICOVA has made it to the list because of its various features such as an ergonomic and comfortable seat, adjustable backrest, and metal armrests. 

What we loved about Tiicova’s chair was that it could be tilted up to 130 degrees and the rocking resistance could be adjusted as per the comfort of the user. When sitting on it, you will notice that your spine is very well-supported by its adjustable backrest. 

Another good thing about this chair is its high-density seat foam that comes in a W-shaped design and supports all types of users including the bulky ones. Your arms will be comfortable using your PC or laptop because of the soft PU paddings in the armrests.

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Chair dimensions: 27.71D x 11.81"W x 20.87"H

  • Material: Mesh 

  • Color: Black

Pros and Cons of Ticova 


  • The soft PU padding in armrests keeps your elbows comfortable
  • Mesh headrest provides great support to the neck and head area
  • Offers an adjustable backrest 


  • Cannot support heavy-weight people as its maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs

COLAMY – Best For Lumbar Support!

The reason we’ve chosen this leather desk chair is that it’s a great option for office workers looking for comfortable chair options. Because of its well-padded seat and backrest, you can enjoy a cozy seating experience.

Moving forward, the chair’s armrests are covered by a soft pad of a waterfall shape, which keeps your elbows safe against any type of pressing against the chair’s hard surface. With its 25.6 inches backrest, it provides enough support to the upper body of the user and prevents neck and shoulder pain. 

We have put the chair through several tests, which have proven its strength and durability. Also, it didn’t take a lot of our time when we tried assembling it.

Colamy - Best For Lumbar Support!


  • Chair dimensions (WxDxH): 30"D x 28"W x 49"H

  • Material: Upholstered leather

  • Color: Brwon,Black

Pros and Cons of COLAMY


  • It comes with an inflatable lumbar support.
  • Can support a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs easily 
  • Provides flip-up arms design


  • Some users think that the chair is not centered and slightly leans to one side

Ovios – Best Simple Office Chair!

Another chair that you can get under $300 is this simple chair by Ovios. Because of the suede fabric used in it, the chair provides a soft and warm seating experience, which is a plus, especially in winter. 

You will find this chair as a great mix of modern design, ergonomic high-back, and lumbar support. Its height can easily be adjusted between 43.7” and 46.85”, which allows you to enjoy a comfortable seating experience. 

You can tilt and lock the chair at any angle and continue experiencing a fully-supported lumbar area. What we liked the most about this chair is that the color of its fabric won’t go away easily and it’s water-resistant as well.

Ovios- Best Simple Office Chair!


  • Chair dimensions (WxDxH): 28" x 20" x 46"

  • Material: Bonded suede fabric and PVC

  • Color: Brwon,Black

Pros and Cons of Ovios 


  • Allows height adjustment between 43.7” and 46.85”
  • Soft suede fabric for comfort.
  • Has smooth casters that prevent scratching on floors 
  • Because of the soft suede fabric, it is very comfortable 


  • It doesn’t offer much adjustability

TfficeTingco – Best Budget-Friendly Office Chair!

The last chair on our list of under $300 office chairs is by Tffice Tingo. The chair made it to the list because of its wide variety of useful features that are very uncommon in low-budget chairs. 

It comes with a tilt lock that can be adjusted and locked at your desired angle. Not just this but the 3D, headrests, and lumbar support of the chair make it a great choice for people looking for an under-budget chair.

Another great thing about the chair is that it comes with a breakable mesh backrest and a comfortable seat question, both of which keep pressure away from your thighs and hips. We liked that the chairs offer full back support and your body remains pain-free during long work hours. 

Ergonomic Office Chair Computer Desk Chairs


  • Chair dimensions: 20"D x 30"W x 20"H

  • Material: Mesh

  • Color: Black

Pros and Cons of TfficeTingco


  • The chair comes with a padded adjustable headrest 
  • It allows a reclining between 90 and 130 degrees with a lock feature 
  • Can bear up to 330lbs weight 


  • Some users find it difficult to assemble it

Factors To Consider When Choosing an Under $300 Office Chair 

Even though we have listed plenty of options for you that are under $300, we would still want you to know all the factors that should be kept in mind when looking for a budget-friendly office chair. Here are a few things we paid attention to when picking up the top 10 office chairs for you.


The first and foremost factor to be considered is the ergonomics of the chair. We specifically looked into the ergonomic features of each chair and picked the ones with fair lumbar and back support, adjustable seat height, and armrests. Ergonomics is the heart of an office chair and one must not compromise on it because, in the long run, it leads to irreversible health issues such as poor posture and musculoskeletal issues.


Then comes comfort. An office chair must be comfortable enough to keep you supported for prolonged sitting hours. For a chair to be considered comfortable, it should have proper padding, enough cushioning, and a seat wide enough to accommodate your body comfortably. When evaluating an office chair on this parameter, you should also check out the materials used in it. One should prefer breathable materials like mesh or breathable fabrics over non-breathable ones, because they maintain air flow, prevent sweating, and ensure comfort. 

Durability and Build Quality

No matter how comfortable an office chair is, it’s of no use if it’s not durable. While shortlisting chairs for our list of under $300 office chairs, we specifically focused on the build quality of each chair. Whether the chair is made of mesh, synthetic fabrics, or leather material, it should offer great value for money. One should test the sturdiness of the chair and know its maximum weight-bearing capacity before bringing it home. 


Another important consideration should be adjustability. You should consider buying an office chair that can be easily customized as per your individual body needs, so you can maintain a comfortable and healthy posture when sitting. Office chairs with adjustable seat height, tilt mechanism, and armrests allow users to adjust the chair according to their body types and not the other way around. 

Style and Aesthetics

Even though many people don’t pay much attention to this point, it’s an important factor. Choosing a chair that complements your office environment while at the same time being quite economical is quite a task, but there are many options in the market. However, while doing so, don’t neglect functionality because, at the end of the day, a visually appealing chair that lacks functionality is useless.

Warranty and Customer Support

Last but not least, always pick up a chair that comes with a sufficient warranty period. In this regard, you should check out the duration and coverage provided for every part of the chair by the manufacturer. This is specifically important because affordable office chair options, mostly, don’t offer decent warranty and customer support. So, you should check out whether you will get reliable customer support for any issues or concerns.

Bottom Line!

To sum it up, we all know how important it is to have a good ergonomic chair in the workspace. If on the one hand, it keeps us comfortable and well-supported, on the other hand, it ensures that by sitting on it, we feel genuinely productive during our work hours. 

However, we face many challenges while looking for that perfect piece for ourselves. Choosing a chair that’s suitable for our body requirements but at the same time easy on our pockets is a real struggle. 

In our list of the best office chairs under $300, we have discussed 10 office chairs keeping in view the diverse requirements of a wide user base. From mesh lovers to leather fans, everyone has got a decent option on the list. 

We hope that you have been able to identify your ideal piece and that too in an affordable way. Leave your comments and tell us if our article was helpful!


Which brand is best for office chairs?

The market is flooded with office chair brands, and the choice of each individual varies from others depending on personal preferences. However, some of the most popular office chair brands include Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth. 

What is the best chair for sitting during long working hours?

The best chair for sitting for long hours should be one with ergonomic features such as adjustable lumbar support and armrest as well as adjustability options such as seat depth and height adjustability. 

How much should a good office chair cost?

A good office chair can cost you somewhere between $200 and $1000, depending on the quality and features you’re looking for in it.

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