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Can Office Chairs Explode? Effective Ways To Avoid That

Many people wonder “can office chairs explode”. This question triggers them so much and they think about it every time they sit on the office chair. The answer is yes, office chairs explode but in rare cases.

Till today, three incidents of office chair explosions have taken place. However, you don’t need to be too skeptical about it as most office chair manufacturers employ strict manufacturing regulations and quality standards for office and gaming chairs, it can rarely happen.

But, the search for the very relevant question “how to prevent your office chair from exploding?” should not stop here. One should know what are the causes of an office chair explosion and how can they be avoided. This article will answer all of these questions, so keep reading!

Can Office Chairs Explode? Causes of Office Chair Explosion!

The real culprit behind the explosion of an office chair is most often the gas cylinder which is present in the base of the seat. A chair gas cylinder is nothing but an adjustable shaft that links the wheels of the chair with its seat. It provides the mechanism to increase or decrease the height of the chair. We’ve already written a detailed guide on “How does an office chair gas cylinder works?”, you can take help from that.

office chair gas cylinder

Generally, three main types of air-pressurized office chairs are available in markets:

  • Hydraulic Pressure Chair
  • Gas Pressured Chair
  • Mechanical Chair

Among them, gas-pressured chairs are the most commonly present chairs. A gas spring mechanism is used in it to move it up and down. Compressed nitrogen gas is filled in this mechanism that generates enough pressure to adjust its height.

It also requires proper lubrication so that springs work smoothly. As we have understood the working mechanism of office chair cylinders, let’s jump into the actual phenomenon of chair explosion.

So the science behind such explosions is that when the canister of gas or air is compressed, it can produce sufficient energy, which may result in the explosion of the office chair. Primarily, three causes lead to an office chair exploding:

Sub standard office chair

First, if you have bought a low-quality chair from an unpopular brand, chances are that such office chair manufacturers use pressurized air in the cylinders instead of nitrogen gas to cut costs and increase profits.

Causes of Office Chair Explosion

Whereas in a high-quality office chair, a good-quality gas cylinder is used. These cylinders use nitrogen gas in their canister. It is because nitrogen gas is non-combustible and dry and it is more effective in creating the required pressure to lift the seat up or down.

So the use of pressurized air instead of nitrogen gas can create potential risks for the users.

Faulty gas cylinder 

Some office chair gas cylinders develop certain problems over time. It is not necessarily due to any manufacturing issue. Sometimes, overuse can also lead to this problem. So whenever you are noticing any problem with the height adjustment mechanism of your chair, it means the gas cylinder has some problem and it’s time to replace it.

Wrong use of chair

The wrong use may also be a significant factor in why an office chair explodes. Doing stunts on the chair, putting heavy things on it, or doing some other abnormal usage, not only damages or breaks the chair but also endangers the life of users and others around him.

Famous Office Chair Explosions Incidents 

The three notable office chair explosion accidents are briefly mentioned here just to give you an overview of the severity of such accidents.

The first office chair explosion accident happened in 2008. A 65-year-old man got injured due to the sudden ejaculation of a 150 mm long steel rod after his office chair exploded.

Then in 2009,  a 14 years old boy was killed due to an exploding chair in the Shandong province of China. Dozens of fragments of metal and plastic were sent into his rectum that untimely resulting in his death.

Last, in 2013, the office chair of a 24 years old woman exploded when she was sitting on it doing her work. The pieces of steel penetrated her body and she was badly injured. She recovered after the doctors removed dozens of screws, and fragments from her body through surgeries.

How to Prevent your Office Chair from Exploding?

All of the above-mentioned explosion incidents happened due to malfunctioning gas cylinders. Billions of office chairs are used all over the globe and only three such incidents have taken place until now.

However, the risk is still there and we can’t undermine the importance of precautionary measures if you have an office or gaming chair. So, to keep your chair from exploding, follow the steps mentioned below:

Purchase a good quality chair 

Never compromise on the quality of the office chair. Buy from a reputed manufacturing company that is relatively older in the business and follows strict quality standards. It is always a good idea to go through reviews and ratings of the chair before making its purchase.

Purchasing a good quality office chair is a valuable investment that is not only beneficial for your health and comfort but can also save you from any mishap or explosion accident. As sages say health is wealth so never compromise your health for the sake of saving your wealth.

Replace the faulty gas cylinder 

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to replacing faulty gas cylinders. If you are noticing any damage or fault in the gas cylinder, immediately replace the cylinder or buy a new chair. The more you delay, the more susceptible to risk you are.

In routine use, you don’t need to worry much about the gas cylinder or gas spring of your office chair.  But when you have to change them, you need to be extra cautious. Follow the instructions given on the website or handbook of the chair while replacing it.

Use the chair rightly

Office chairs are designed to allow you to sit comfortably and maintain a good posture. Sitting in a good posture is good for your health as well. So make sure to use the chair for the purpose it is designed for.

Follow the office chair safety principles such as avoiding doing stunts on it or making it your storage space. Don’t use your chair as a ladder for reaching overhead or using it as a trolley to transport items. Never put heavy things in it. Your safety in many cases is in your hands, so be careful.

Select a suitable office chair 

Before purchasing a nice chair, keep the following factors in mind

  1. Buy the chair that provides you with maximum comfort and good sitting posture.
  2. Buy a chair made of good quality materials so that it lasts longer and smoother.
  3. Keep your budget in mind as well and buy a chair that is reasonable for you.
  4. Most importantly, make sure that the chair is safe and made of good quality materials so that it can’t explode or cause you any injury.

Last Thoughts! 

In a nutshell, an office or a computer chair can explode but only under worst-case scenarios. Although most office chairs are made using strict safety guidelines, you still need to be careful while buying one. For keeping your chair safe from exploding, first, buy a good quality chair from a reputed manufacturer and then use it for the purpose it is designed for.

Moreover, if you observe any fault in the height adjustment mechanism of the chair,  replace the gas cylinder or the entire chair depending upon the severity of the issue. If you honestly follow these measures, you will definitely make yourself safe from such mishaps.

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