Difference Between Nylon Chrome Aluminum Office Chair Base

By now we all know how important it is to have a good ergonomic office chair for better health and increased productivity. But more often than not, we tend to overlook some parts of office chairs and hence end up crying over our investment in them.

The office chair base is one of the most essential components of an office chair and most people don’t bother to do a little research before choosing the right office chair base. So, for every one of you, in this article, we’ll talk about different office chair bases.

Nylon, Chrome, and Aluminum are the most common materials used in making office chair bases. In this article, we will discuss the difference between nylon chrome and aluminum office chair base so that by the end you have all the necessary information that goes into picking the right base for your office chair.

Difference Between Nylon Chrome and Aluminum Office Chair Bases

Each chair has its specifications, pros, and cons. We will discuss them in detail to know the difference between them. Let’s start with the nylon chair base:


Weigh Capacity (lbs)

Density (g/m3)



250 - 450 








Nylon Office Chair Base

Nylon Office Chair Base

Most office chair bases are made from nylon, which is a derivative of plastic. Nylon bases are cheap and are therefore very commonly used by chair manufacturers for gaming chairs, task chairs, and other desk chairs.


Some of the most common features of nylon chair bases are:

  • Material

The nylon office chair base is the most commonly used in most office chairs, especially gaming chairs. This is because, nylon bases are the cheapest among all as they are made from nylon, which is a subclass of plastic. For making a gaming chair base, nylon is modified using fiberglass because of its less weight and strength so that the chair can bear the weight of the user.

  • Weight Capacity 

The chair’s weight capacity is calculated in terms of how much weight it can hold. It is measured in pounds or kilograms. Weight capacity also depends upon the size of the wheels and the surface area of the chair base, which carries the sitting load applied to it.

The average weight capacity of standard office chairs ranges from 250 lbs to 450 lbs, therefore nylon base office chairs are designed to withstand these loads. It is the best choice for a chair the person can sit on for long hours. Even after years of use and proper care, the nylon base chair retains its stability and durability.

  • Color 

The color of the nylon chair base is usually black. Moreover, it provides a more shiny look to the office and enhances the style quotient of your office.  White and grey nylon base colors are also available, but they are quite pricey than the standard black color. 

Although there is an increase in demand for nylon gaming chairs, more styles and colors are introduced in nylon office chair bases to add colorful impact.

  • Density

The material of the Nylon office chair base has a density of 1.15g/m3. Chair density varies with weight and size. It provides an insight into how much load can be carried by it. And it also helps in choosing the appropriate one for your need.

  • Price

The price range for such a chair depends on the material used on its base, size, color, and quantity used. The basic price of a nylon office chair is much lower than any other base. Most nylon chair bases come at an average price of $50.

Advantages of Nylon Office Chair Base

  • It is affordable and constructed from a material that is not too heavy.  
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Rotates smoothly and freely on the wheels. 
  • In terms of affordability, it’s one of the best types of office chair bases available

Disadvantages of Nylon Office Chair Base

  • Cannot bear too much weight, not recommended for heavy people. 
  • Nylon office chair base tends to wear out quickly if the usage is more than normal. 
  • It lacks the aesthetic quality of other office chair bases

Aluminum Chair Base

aluminum office chair base

An aluminum alloy base or primarily aluminum base is an all-steel, strong, and rigid base. Aluminum and aluminum alloy is considered great choice when it comes to choosing office chairs due to their strength and durability.

Its versatility and functionality make it an excellent choice for office chairs or furniture, especially considering its lightweight design and modern look. 


Some of the most common features of aluminum chair bases include:

  • Material

Aluminum has many different applications in office chairs. It is used for armrests, aluminum bases, seat adjusters, wheels, and even the moving parts of some chairs. It offers a degree of weight-bearing capacity with reduced weight. 

Materials used in manufacturing these aluminum chair bases are aluminum alloys containing copper, zinc, manganese, silicon, and magnesium. Aluminum alloy enhances the properties of the material and increases its strength-to-weight ratio. They give a sleek look to your office decor and add a stylish impact to the style quotient of your office space while providing maximum support during long working hours.

  • Weight Capacity 

The weight capacity of the aluminum alloy base depends upon the size of the chair, the number of wheels, and its design. For example, an aluminum base chair has a load-bearing capacity between 300 and 400 pounds, while a more sophisticated model with more wheels ranges from 700 to 900 pounds.

  • Color 

Silver, white, and black colors are the most commonly used colors for the aluminum base. These colors make it convenient to match any decor or style in your office space. And it is also important to take into account budget and maintenance needs when choosing the best color for your room.

  • Density

Aluminum has a density of 2.7 g/m3. The average density weighs less than traditional materials like wood, plastic, or even steel which gives it a distinct advantage over these other materials, especially when the load capacity needs to be high, and the weight required needs to be low.

  • Price

The price of the aluminum office chair base is different depending on its size, design, and color. Due to the lightweight aluminum, it is possible to manufacture chairs with unique designs. 

Office chairs made with aluminum are expensive compared to other chair bases. You can find a good quality aluminum chair base between $50 and $100.

Advantages of Aluminium Office Chair Base

  • Lightweight
  • Elegant look due to polished aluminum.
  • High strength-to-weight ratio 
  • Good corrosion resistance due to surface treatments
  • An excellent shock absorber.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Office Chair Base

  • High price and high maintenance cost.
  • It is prone to scratches and scuffs and requires maintenance, increasing costs considerably.

Chrome Office Chair Base

Chrome office chair base

Chrome Chair Base is metallic-looking and made with iron and a chrome coating. A brilliant yet shiny finish makes it a popular choice for office chairs. Alloyed legs support the chrome chair base with an aluminum inner core that makes it great for stability.

Given its attractive design, supporting inner webbing system, chrome color, and multiple support points, chrome base office chairs are becoming favorite office furniture items in many workplaces. Although these chairs are economical, their production process is a significant environmental hazard.


Here are the specifications of chrome chair bases:

  • Material

The material for making these chrome chair bases is iron and a corrosion-resistant chromate conversion coating. The base has an all-steel, strong and rigid structure. The valuable benefit of this material is that it can support heavy weights without getting damaged for a long time and can be cleaned easily. The chair has a rustless, metallic shine due to its chromium base.

  • Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of these chrome-base chairs ranges from 400 to 800 pounds. The base has heavy-duty support with a smooth, precise action and is highly stable. Chrome base office chairs have a great weight-bearing capacity. 

  • Color 

The available colors for this office chair base include black, white, and steel. The design is simple with a stylish shine, making it look more attractive than other conventional office chair bases. When choosing an office chair, it is crucial to consider the color and design because sometimes these two factors affect your decision-making process.

  • Density

The density of these chrome chair bases is 7.8 g/m3. The overall weight of this base is more than that of other, more conventional materials. The chrome base chairs are not only strong but also relatively heavy, especially compared to the aluminum chairs. The chrome chairs can withstand heavy weights without breaking while still bearing a good amount of weight.

  • Price

The price of these chairs varies depending on the brand and manufacturer. A typical chrome base that has a tilt mechanism comes around $200 and above.

Advantages of Chrome Office Chair Base

  • These chairs are not very expensive.
  • Famous for its radiant look.
  • Strong and durable

Disadvantages of Chrome Office Chair Base

  • It cannot be used in humid areas or near moisture-prone places. 
  • Chrome base office chairs are prone to scratches, dents, and scuffs if not appropriately maintained.

Are the Bases of Office Chairs Universal?

Office chair bases are not universal. Like any other part of an office chair, the bases also have a lifespan after which they will not function well.

However, the durability of chair bases varies depending on the base material. For example, gaming chair bases are made from steel or aluminum material because of their strength and durability.

But office chairs with aluminum or steel bases are a little expensive. On the other hand, most task chairs have nylon bases or chrome finishes because they are relatively less in price.

No matter which material is used in the base of your office chair or gaming chair, if the chair isn’t maintained properly, it will wear out quickly. So, always make sure to take care of the chair base when you are looking after its other parts.

Conclusion – Last Thoughts!

To sum it up, a strong office chair base is vital for the life and strength of an office chair. Different materials are used for making the base of office chairs as well gaming chairs.

However, you’ll most commonly see an aluminum base, a steel base, a nylon base, and a chrome base. Most gaming chair bases are made from steel or aluminum materials whereas a lot of task chairs use either a nylon base or a chrome base.

It’s always recommended to do a little research about the base material of your chair so that you may not end up wasting your money and getting yourself injured.

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