steelcase leap v2 vs gesture

Steelcase leap v2 vs Gesture

There is a lot of debate around Steelcase Leap V2 vs Gesture as these two are the top-ranked ergonomic chairs in the market. Although both have more commonalities than differences, the final choice depends on the personal preferences of users.

Other than Herman Miller, Steelcase also makes high-quality ergonomic chairs that fit the requirements and needs of a wide range of different users. Being one of the most popular brands, Steelcase office chairs have a significant place in the market.

In this comparison guide of Steelcase Leap V2 vs Gesture, we’ll have a closer look into the main features, pros, cons, and pricing of both chairs. We have also included a side-by-side comparison of both ergonomic office chairs. So, read till the end to find out your perfect fit.

Steelcase Leap V2 vs Gesture: Specification Details

Here is a quick comparison table of Leap V2 and Gesture:

Chair Name

Steelcase Leap V2

Steelcase Gesture




 Upholstery Options

Leather, Fabric

Leather, Fabric

 Chair Dimensions depth 

21.75" - 24.75" D x 27" W x 38.5" - 43.5" H

21" - 23.63" D x 22.38" - 34.63" W x 47" - 57" H

Seat Height

15.5" - 20.5"

16" - 21"

Seat Width



Seat Depth

15.75" - 18.75"

15.75" - 18.5"

Back Width



Lumbar Support

Maximum Weight Capacity

400 lbs

400 lbs

Caster's Availability

Wheels (carpet)

Wheels (carpet)

Seat Material

Textile Polyester

Textile Polyester

Frame Material



Warranty Period

12 years

12 years

Where To Buy

Steelcase Leap V2

In its journey of manufacturing refined office chairs, Steelcase has never taken a step back. In 2006, Steelcase launched its Leap V2, which was better than Leap V1 at so many different levels. Over the years, Steelcase Leap V2 has gained a lot of popularity because of its ergonomic features and high quality. After having won various awards for its design, the chair has made it to the offices of big companies like Google and Apple.

Main Features of Steelcase Leap V2

The Steelcase Leap chair has several features that make it one of the top 5 ergonomic chairs on the market. For your guidance, we’ve shortlisted the five most prominent ones:

1. Back Support

steelcase leap v2 back support

One of the best things about Leap V2 is its contoured backrest that uses Steelcase’s patented LiveBack Technology. This means that the chair’s backrest moves as the user moves, which makes it super comfortable even during seating hours.

What’s interesting is that both the upper and lower parts of the backrest move differently, thus providing flexibility and support. The user has the option to adjust the lumbar support system in two different ways.

You can either adjust the lumbar up and down the backrest or even adjust the tension in the backrest that controls how pronounced it feels.

2. Adjustment Mechanism 

steelcase leap v2 adjustment mechanism

Steelcase Leap V2 has more adjustment mechanisms than its counterpart. You get adjustment options for seat height and depth, lumbar support, and even the armrest system.

To adjust the tilt tension, Leap V2 features a knob right under the seat that increases or decreases the amount of resistance when leaning back.

The only missing adjustment is the back height adjustment, which is probably because Steelcase chairs don’t come in different sizes.

3. Lumbar Support 

steelcase leap v2 lumbar support

The chair comes with standard height adjustable lumbar support, but if you want to have fixed support, you can even get that for some extra bucks. The best part about Leap V2 is that its lower back firmness provides additional lumbar support to the user.

Leap V2 gives the control of lumbar support in the user’s hands. You can control the positioning and level of support you want for yourself. Leap V2 ensures that your entire back remains supported all day long.

4. Seat Ergonomics

steelcase leap v2 seat ergonomics

Leap V2 has got excellent seat ergonomics. The seat has flexible edges along with adaptive bolstering in foam that gives a pressure-free sitting experience to the user. The chair surely has the right amount of padding necessary to keep users comfortable during office hours.

Not only this but Leap’s patented natural glide adjustment ensures that the seat glides forward when you recline without you having to leave your seat.

5. Recline Adjustments

A chair cannot be termed ergonomic if it doesn’t come with recline adjustments. Talking about Leap V2, it has a full recline range with four recline angle stop settings along with an upright back lock.

steelcase leap v2 features

Pros and Cons of Steelcase Leap V2

Now that you have a holistic view of all the prominent features of Leap V2, it’s time to look at some of its pros and cons:



  • Wheels for carpet flooring.

  • Highly adjustable lumbar support and flexible backrest

  • Comfortable Seat

  • Comes with a comfortable seat cushion.

  • No back-height adjustment option.

Where to Buy Steelcase Leap V2?

Steelcase Leap V2 can be bought from Amazon as well as directly from the Steelcase store. On all platforms, the chair comes roughly within a price range of $1100 and $2500.

Steelcase Gesture

The chair that’s most widely compared with Leap V2 is Gesture. In comparison to other office chairs, this Steelcase chair fits a wide range of users with its modern ergonomic design. Steelcase launched Gesture in 2013 and since then it has taken over the market of ergonomic chairs with its huge demand.

Main Features of Steelcase Gesture

The ergonomic chair by Steelcase is credited with being one of the top five ergonomic chairs. The chair has made it to the list because of its several useful features, such as

1. Manual Adjustment Mechanism

steelcase gesture manual adjustment mechanism

One of the best things about the Steelcase Gesture is its manual adjustment mechanism that allows users to adjust the height and depth of the seat as well as the armrests.

To adjust the height and depth of the seat, you need to lift the levers located on the right and left sides of the chair respectively, adjust them to the desired height or depth, and then release the lever to lock them into place.

To adjust the height and width of the armrests, you need to use the levers and buttons located on the bottom and inside of each armrest respectively, adjust to the desired height or width, and release them to lock into place.

2. Back Support

steelcase gesture back support

Gesture’s back support is good for many users including taller ones as the chair features a tall backrest. The entire backrest offers comfortable support in all positions for the user to prevent pressure buildup on the body.

However, it’s noteworthy that even after you lock yourself into an upright position, you will still experience some movement.

3. Seat Ergonomics

Steelcase Gesture is engineered with seat ergonomics in mind, as it offers a range of features that promote proper posture and comfort for long hours of sitting. The chair’s seat is designed with a flexible edge that allows users to comfortably recline while maintaining proper support for the back. Not only this but you can also play around with the seat depth for making it fit different leg lengths.

4. Recline Adjustments

steelcase gesture recline mechanism

One of the key features of Gesture is the recline adjustment, which allows the user to adjust the angle of the backrest independently from the seat pan. This means customized support for different postures to the user.

The recline feature of the Gesture is designed to mimic the natural movement of the human body, allowing users to recline and shift positions comfortably throughout the day.

5. Arm Ergonomics

This feature is counted among the top three features that make Steelcase Gesture one of the best ergonomic chairs. Gesture’s armrest system allows users to customize the height, width, and angle of the armrests to their specific needs. It promotes proper posture and reduces strain on the shoulders and neck, making it an excellent choice for people who spend long hours sitting at a desk.

steelcase gesture features

Pros and Cons of Steelcase Gesture

Before you jump into making your final decision, let’s have a quick look at some of the pros and cons of Gesture:



  • Highly adjustable armrests system.

  • Suitable for a wide range of users.

  • Suitable for heavy users.

  • No backrest height adjustment.

  • Overly priced for some users.

Where to Buy Steelcase Gesture?

If you’ve made up your mind about buying Steelcase Gesture, you can find it on the official store of Steelcase as well as on Amazon. Although, the price may vary depending on the type of chair you choose and the add-ons you go for, keep a range between $1100 and $2500 in your mind while shopping for Gesture.

Steelcase Leap V2 vs Gesture: Which One Should You Buy?

Now the most pertinent question is “is Steelcase gesture better than Leap V2” or vice-versa? Honestly, we cannot take any side outward without digging deep into some crucial parameters that dictate the choice of any office chair. Therefore, we’ve tried to make the choice easier for you by giving a side-by-side comparison of both Steelcase Leap V2 and Steelcase Gesture in five important areas.

1. Steelcase Leap V2 vs Gesture: Ergonomic Features

When it comes to ergonomic features, Steelcase has made sure that both its top picks feature all the ergonomic features that a user looks for in an office chair. Between both, Leap V2’s back support wins over Gesture’s’ because of the unique LiveBack technology that adapts to the user’s spine and keeps them comfortable.

Leap V2’s seat pan is also better compared to Gesture’s as its flexible edge reduces pressure on the lower body of the user. Also, Gesture’s seat pan depth can easily be adjusted. Contrarily, Gesture’s armrest system sidelines Leap’s and is perfect for users who require width adjustments.

2. Steelcase Leap V2 vs Gesture: Adjustability Options

Steelcase is matchless when it comes to making the most adjustable chairs. Between Leap V2 and Gesture, there is no specific winner as the adjustability features offered in one may not be in the other and vice-versa. In the same way, both lack some features (such as back height adjustment), which you find in Herman Miller chairs.

Regarding seat depth adjustment, you get it in both chairs. But Gesture makes it a bit easier through its knob compared to Leap V2’s paddle for this purpose. Similarly, both feature 4-way armrest adjustments, but Gesture’s in-depth width adjustments make it the winner for bigger-size users.

3. Steelcase Leap V2 vs Gesture: Price

Considering the different customization options available, you will find Steelcase Leap V2 within a price range of $1000 and $2700 and the Gesture within a range of $1100 and $2500.

Both, the Leap V2 and Gesture, are priced over $1000, making either of them out of reach for those on a budget. However, people who can invest in high-quality office chairs should get their hands on any of the two pieces. Overall, Leap V2 is a bit cheaper than Gesture.

4. Steelcase Leap V2 vs Gesture: Size

Unlike other brands’ chairs, Steelcase chairs-both Leap V2 and Gesture-come in one size. So, the users don’t have to find the chair with the right dimensions that fit their body sizes. Both the chairs come with a wide range of adjustability options that accommodate almost all types of users.

However, we give the top spot to Gesture as its armrest system allows some extra adjustment options that make it suitable for bigger people who require more flexibility in the width adjustment of the chair.

5. Steelcase Leap V2 vs Gesture: Warranty

Talking about warranty, it’s one of the most important factors one looks for when searching for any furniture item. The best part about Leap V2 and Gesture is that both feature Steelcase’s perfect warranty period of 12 years. So, while buying either of them, you will be at ease that your invested money is going to stay for a while.

Final Verdict!

Lastly, we’ve outlined a detailed comparison of the top two Steelcase chairs-Leap V2 and Gesture-for all those who were confused in choosing between both. Although both chairs have been manufactured keeping different types of users in perspective, they have a lot in common. From features to pricing, both are quite similar with slight differences.

Broadly, if you are looking for an ergonomic office chair with a comfortable seating pad and better adjustability options, Leap V2 may be a better choice. However, if you want to have a chair with built-in adjustable armrests, Gesture may be the go-to pick as its armrest system is matchless.

One area which influences the final decision of the users is pricing. Although both chairs are on the higher price end, you will likely save some money on Leap V2 even in its fully loaded configuration. All in all, if the price is your least preference, you can choose any of the two Steelcase chairs based on what you want in your office chair. However, if you have conerns regarding their high prices which are totally justified by the features offered by Steelcase, you can also find a few good ergonomic chairs offered by different brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Steelcase chairs come with a warranty?

Yes, Steelcase chairs come with a 12-year warranty period.

Is Steelcase Leap V2 better than Gesture?

Well, the answer may vary from user to user as everyone has different requirements for an office chair. In most cases, Leap V2 is given preference because of its slightly lower price.

What are the benefits of using an ergonomic office chair like the Leap V2 or Gesture?

Ergonomic office chairs like the Leap V2 or Gesture can help improve your posture, reduce back pain and discomfort, and increase productivity and focus.

Is the Leap office chair good for sitting for long hours?

Yes, Leap V2 has all the features that support long sitting hours. It’s designed to provide support and flexibility to the user and the adjustability options make it do so even better.

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