Benefits of fireproof file cabinets

Benefits of Fireproof File Cabinets

Years of hard work can burn to ashes if you don’t secure your paperwork and files correctly. We have incidences where fire caught a building and all the records went to waste. Nobody wants this to happen with their data, right? The solution is simple: fireproof file cabinets.

There are a number of benefits of fireproof file cabinets. While creating your overall office look, invest some time in thinking about the safety of your record and documents. By choosing a fireproof file cabinet you will do the biggest favor to your business.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of fireproof file cabinets and show you why they should be a key component of office furniture. So, let’s get started!

Importance of Fire Proof Filing Cabinets

Importance of Fire Proof Filing Cabinets

A study by Selena Garrison, Michael Gutter, Julie England, Jo Turner, and Nayda Torres at the University of Florida glances at the significance of recordkeeping for businesses and houses.

While all other official data such as bills and receipts, bank records, and check stubs can easily be placed in the filing cabinets because of their limited duration of keeping, it is inevitable to store some records in fireproof boxes or cabinets.

These include homeowner records, important certificates such as marriage and birth certificates, copies of important letters, legal notices, bank statements, etc. So, you can imagine what happens when your house or office catches fire. Therefore, it is paramount to store all these documents in fireproof filing cabinets.

Benefits of Fireproof File Cabinets

Now that you are well aware of the importance of a fireproof file cabinet, let’s jump straight into knowing the benefits of fireproof file cabinets:

Keep your documents safe

Keep your documents safe

Before deals, investments, and profits understand the importance of the safety of your documents, sensitive information, and files. If they catch fire, you can come on the road with your entire empire destroyed. A regular filing cabinet doesn’t protect your important documents from fire damage.

If you think those metal file cabinets can do the job, you probably are at fault. Why? Because metal heats fastly and paper doesn’t exactly need fire to burn. Increase your cabinet’s temperature to around 250 degrees Celcius and look how your record burns to ashes.

So, the only solution you are left with is a fireproof filing cabinet. With these filing cabinets, all your paper can withstand extreme heat for over 100 minutes in case of fire. The internal temperature of the filing cabinet remains low and you get enough time to call the fire response team for your help. This is one of the biggest benefits of fireproof file cabinets.

Protection of Individual Drawers

A number of fireproof cabinets also come with the added advantage of independent protection for each drawer. Ordinary lock and key mechanisms don’t work in the case of fire or wooden shelves. This feature comes to the rescue when all the drawers are closed but one is left open.

In that case, the other drawers will remain fire-resistant if that one drawer accidentally catches fire. So, that’s a great benefit of fireproof filing cabinets as you don’t have to worry about your documents even in the case of an average fire or if you haven’t used the lock to protect your files.

Protection from Water Damage

Protection from Water Damage

Not only does a fireproof file cabinet protects your room or office space from fire and explosions, but you will also find them extremely useful in any other event such as floods, tornadoes, and theft.

Countries like the United States have a higher risk of tornadoes and see floods more often in their coastal areas. Thus, offices and homes in such areas desperately need paperwork security mechanisms.

Lara Cushing, assistant professor of environmental health sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health says that flooding greatly affects the belongings of people in the affected areas. So, it’s extremely important for them to invest in good fireproof filing systems.

High-level security

Keep your documents safe

A fireproof filing cabinet keeps your documents and files away from the access of any wrong hands. They protect your record from any stealing incident because they come with a combination lock.

Although an ordinary cabinet, among lateral and vertical filing cabinets, does come with a lock and key, they aren’t as strong as the fireproof cabinet offers.

Anyone can access your data by easily unlocking the cabinet. But in the case of a fireproof cabinet, only you have the access to such sensitive data.

Saves your money

Another plus point of a fireproof cabinet is that it saves you money by protecting your important documents from fire. Apart from greater security of your office space, you will have peace of mind in terms of not wasting money on office furniture over and over again. Therefore, a fireproof cabinet is a must-have for any space or room with the need to store important documents.

Is a Fireproof File Cabinet Expensive?

Is a Fireproof File Cabinet Expensive

It’s natural to think that if a product is adding value to your business, it is expensive. Well, a simple answer to this is NO. A fireproof file cabinet costs you the same price as any regular wooden file cabinet.

A typical fireproof file cabinet will cost you between $100 and $1200 above. This is quite an affordable investment for an important thing like an office file cabinet.

So, depending on how much you want to spend in a secure place where your documents are protected all the time, you can decide accordingly.

Final Thoughts!

Lastly, there is no doubt about the fact that there are countless benefits of fireproof file cabinets. They free you from the thoughts of protecting your important files and documents if any unfortunate firing or explosion event happens. This will not be the case if your cabinets are made out of wood because they instantly heat up and your paper will burn even before it catches fire.

Although different offices have different needs, a fireproof file cabinet is a great addition to any office space or room. Have you brought fireproof cabinets to your office? If not, go ahead as they are worth your investment.

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