Sidiz T40 complete Review

Sidiz T40 Review: Should You Buy It or Not?

Office work should not come at the cost of your health. Because it is important to feel comfortable in your office chair, ergonomic chairs are gaining popularity day by day.

SIDIZ is a Korean business that specializes in ergonomic office furniture. It offers the T40 chair as a highly adjustable and comfortable ergonomic office chair. 

During the Sidiz T40 review, we found out that its salient feature lies in its ability to let the user adjust its seat depth and height, lumbar support, reclining angle, reclining intensity, armrests’ height and angle, and position of headrest. Although the chair is a little expensive, it definitely provides value for the money spent and is one of the best ergonomic office chairs under $500.

Sidiz T40 Review: Features and Price

What sets Sidiz T40 apart from its contemporaries can be understood by the following features:

SIDIZ T40 Smart Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Material: Plastic
  • Seat Material: Nylon
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 136 Kg
  • Style: T40 (Smart Tilt with Lumbar Support)

1.   Seat depth and height

The seat depth of the Sidiz T40 chair is 19.6 to 20.7 inches and the seat height is 16.9 to 10.7 inches. Depending on the height and posture of the person using the chair, the seat’s depth can be changed by about 65 mm. To make the seat depth adjustable so the chair exactly fits the body, the lever on the lower portion of the seat can be used. The ideal seat depth should keep the back of the knees 2-3 cm away from the seat edge.

2.   Lumbar Support

The lumbar support height of Sidiz T40 is between 5.9 to 8.7 inches. The lumbar support system is adjustable and the user can adjust it according to his or her comfort and back curvature. The backrest is made up of polythene in a mesh design, which makes the chair breathable and light.

3.   Recline Mechanism

Sidiz T40 chairs have a built-in efficient reclining mechanism that carefully coordinates the chair’s movement with that of the user. The reclining mechanism acts as an engine for the chair and enables it to recline the backrest to a comfortable position. There are two main tilting mechanisms in the Sidiz T40 chair:

  • Synchronized tilting: This is the system that adjusts the chair’s seat and backrest when a person leans forward and backward in the chair. In order to relieve pressure on the back, the backrest synchronizes with the body.
  • Multi-limited tilting: The backrest can be reclined to an angle specified by the user by multi-limited tilting up to four levels. The extent to which the backrest tilts when leaning against it is adjusted by turning the lever on the lower left side of the seat. Even the intensity of tilting can be adjusted by a lever below the seat according to one’s weight.

4.   Headrest

The height of the headrest of the Sidiz T40 chair is about 7.3 to 10 inches. The headrest angle is adjustable and can be set at the desired position.

5.   Armrests

The Armrest height of Sidiz T40 is between 7.2 to 9.5 inches. The armrest can not only be raised up and down but can also be tilted inward and outward. Its back side can tilt as well. There is a locking feature so that if one does not want to tilt it, the armrests can be locked. The height, angle, and positioning are all adjustable and form a line from the elbows to the shoulders. It creates comfort for the shoulders and neck. With their soft sensation, the armrests feel good to put your arms on.

What we Like About Sidiz T40 (Pros)

Anyone who has ever come across a T40 chair from Sidiz agrees that it provides the following benefits: 

  1. Highly customizable: Sidiz T40 comes with a plethora of customizable features. People of different body types can easily set the chair’s armrest height, seat depth, backrest, headrest angle, reclining stiffness, and degree. 
  2. Easy to assemble from scratch: The chair is delivered in a box of reasonable size and it takes not more than 10 minutes to get to the final look. If you are a person who has ever held a screwdriver, you can easily assemble this chair. 
  3. Smooth tilting mechanism: A smooth synchronized tilting mechanism tilts the seat and backrest at various degrees when the user leans on the chair. It helps to create a comfortable seating experience.
  4. Provides lumbar support: Lumbar support is essential for spinal health. The weight on the spine when sitting is greater than when lying down or standing, so it is crucial to use a chair that provides comfort. The lumbar support of Sidiz T40 can be moved up and down in accordance with the user’s back curve. 
  5. Minimal aesthetics: The design of Sidiz T40 is very decent and provides a finished look. The fabric on the seat and armrests is soft and long-lasting. The color range is also compatible with modern urban interior designs.
  6. Suitable for a variety of uses: Due to the availability of adjustable features, the T40 is suitable for office work, study, or even gaming that requires prolonged sitting.
  7. Easy mobility: The chair weighs approximately 50 pounds which makes it very light weight as compared to other similar options available. Similarly, the rollers of the swivel are butter-smooth and there is no hindrance to moving the chair on the floor.

What we don’t Like About Sidiz T40 (Cons)

Having discussed the pros of Sidiz T40, let’s have a look at the cons. Some of them are as follows: 

  1. Expensive: It’s an honest comment that the Sidiz T40 chair is expensive relative to other office chairs currently available in the market. The high price is due to the ergonomic comfort it provides. 
  2. Hard and stiff seat: Due to its sturdy plastic construction, some users may find the seat of T40 to be somewhat hard. If someone is a sensitive sitter, he or she may have to add an extra cushion.
  3. Mesh back problems: The problem with mesh plastic back is that it can show signs of stress or may look worn out after some time. It depends on how carefully the user uses the chair. 
  4. Assemblage required: Although assembling a Sidiz T40 chair is very easy, some people still may not want to go through this hassle. 

Alternatives of Sidiz T40

From the Sidiz family, two chairs can be explored as alternatives to the Sidiz T40. These are the Sidiz T50 and Sidiz T80 ergonomic chairs.

  1. Sidiz T50: Sidiz T50 like T40 is comfortable but it has more granular adjustment options and a removable cushion while the T40 has more coarse adjustments and a non-removable cushion. T50 is highly recommended to short-statured people because it offers a good seat adjustment, even better than T40. The padding of T50 is less rigid as compared to T40.
  2. Sidiz T80: Another ergonomic chair by the same company is Sidiz T80. It is available in a more sophisticated finish than T50 and T40. It has built-in weight-sensing mechanisms and is thus more expensive than the other two.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Sidiz T40?

Sidiz T40 is an ergonomic office chair that is built to provide a seamless sitting experience. The adjustability of the chair lets you alter the fit and posture to suit your demands during the day. But be cautious that it can be stiff and supportive and won’t feel soft or comfy to you right away. 

Although the choice can vary from person to person, from the above discussion, it is, however, clear that the pros of Sidiz T40 outweigh its cons. Therefore, it is a recommended chair for a comfortable sitting experience.

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