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Are Refurbished Herman Miller Chairs Good?

No one can deny the quality and appeal of office chairs produced by Herman Miller. Standing at the top of the list of brands making high-quality furniture, Herman Miller ensures that you are getting comfort, adjustability, durability, and style, all in a single chair you pick. The only problem is the higher price tag of Herman Miller’s chairs, making them inaccessible to many people.

However, there’s an alternative to that. Getting a refurbished chair pretty much solves the problem. Refurbished Herman Miller chairs cost you a fraction of the original retail price of a brand-new Herman Miller chair.

But at the same time, we cannot rule out the concern of a lot of people who think refurbished Herman Miller chairs aren’t as good as the new ones. To address this hot question, “Are refurbished Herman Miller chairs good?” we have done our research. In this article, we will go into detail about the refurbished Herman Miller chairs and find out if they are worth your investment. Stick around!

What Do Refurbished Herman Miller Chairs Means?

When it comes to high-quality ergonomic office chairs, the internet is flooded with comparisons between Steelcase gesture vs. Herman Miller embody as both chairs are the highlights of their brands. However, not everyone can afford either of them as both are priced over 1000 bucks. To get one’s hands on such high-end chairs without tearing one’s pocket away, one should be familiar with the idea of refurbished chairs.

Refurbished chairs are pre-used chairs that are restored to their original condition by experts. Talking about Herman Miller’s chairs, their refurbished models are made by professionals who repair broken parts, replace the defective parts with new ones, re-lubricate the chair’s mechanisms accurately, and clean the chair thoroughly. During the refurbishing process, every defect is repaired including even the smallest scratches. Technicians inspect the chair carefully and ensure that it is perfectly fit for the users. 

Are Refurbished Herman Miller Chairs Good Option?

Herman Miller’s chairs are popular for providing support, enhancing productivity, giving utmost comfort, and relieving back pain. The brand uses top-quality material that ensures the durability and stability of chairs for a long time. This is why even Herman Miller’s second-hand models are better than a lot of brand-new chairs of other brands.  

So, the refurbished Herman Miller chairs are an excellent choice for everyone who can’t afford the new chairs of the brand. In this way, you can get the same comfortable, durable, stylish, and high-quality chair as the original Herman Miller at a cheaper price.

Are Refurbished Herman Miller Chairs Good

Benefits of Refurbished Herman Chairs

Let’s have a look at the benefits of the refurbished Herman Miller Chairs:

1. Save Money

Refurbished Herman chair models are an affordable option for those who are setting up a new office and are on a budget. By spending less, they can get almost the same quality, comfort, support, style, and design. 

2. Environmental Friendly

By buying refurbished Herman Miller chairs, you not only save your budget but also help to reduce waste and ecological impact. Unlike a new Herman Miller chair, a restored model doesn’t require raw materials for its production. Hence, the latter proves to be environment-friendly as well as cost-effective.  

3. Quality

Another important advantage is that you can achieve a top-quality market chair at a reasonable price. The materials used in the production of Herman Miller are of great quality which makes the chair stay longer.

4. Ergonomics

A refurbished Herman Miller is an ergonomically designed chair that gives features similar to the original Herman Miller. Refurbished Herman Aeron gives the three-size option which is suitable for every size of people. You can work comfortably during the prolonged hours of sitting in the investment of a refurbished Herman Miller.

5. Warranty

The refurbished Herman Miller chairs give 12 years of warranty options like the original Herman Miller. The long-year warranty ensures the chair’s reliability and stability.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Refurbished Herman Miller

Refurbished Herman Miller chairs of all models are a good choice only when you buy them from an authentic retailer. If you buy the restored Herman chairs from a fake retailer, it will not be a worthwhile investment. Therefore, it is essential to consider the following factors before purchasing a refurbished Herman Miller chair.

  • Ensure that the condition of the refurbished chair is good before buying it.
  • Make sure that the restored Herman brand chair does not have any broken, damaged parts or missing parts because it alters the chair’s functionality.
  • Always select the best chair even if it is a second-hand chair.
  • It’s better to ask why the chair is re-sold to identify the problem and contact the previous owner to verify the error.
  •  Never buy from a fake retailer, consider the private seller because they are the original owners of the chairs.
  • Always check the lumbar support, seat fabric, cylinder, and all the components of the refurbished Herman Miller chairs thoroughly.
  • Check and verify the changes, repaired parts, and tweaks before buying them.
  • Don’t forget to check the warranty of the chair.

Are Refurbished Herman Miller Chairs Worthwhile Investment?

We say confidently that the refurbished Herman chairs are a good and worthwhile investment for you. Refurbished Herman Miller chairs ensure the same benefits and quality as the original ones. However, there is a difference between the Used Herman Miller chairs and Refurbished Herman chairs; used Herman Miller chairs do not offer a warranty, exchange policy, or other accessories while refurbished Herman Miller chairs give you a 12-year warranty and other accessories.

So, refurbished Herman Miller chairs are better than used ones. You can’t buy the refurbished Herman brand chair on the official website because they only sell new chairs. It is easy to buy the refurbished Herman chair from authentic retailers, e-commerce websites, authorized dealers, and office liquidators.

Final Thoughts!

To sum it up, there is no need to worry when the original Herman Miller chair does not fit in your budget, consider the good quality refurbished Herman chair from an authentic retailer.

A refurbished Herman Miller chair is a wise decision that not only gives health benefits and saves money but is also good for protecting the environment. In the end, we suggest you inspect the refurbished chair’s parts carefully and thoroughly.


Q1: How to identify the real Herman chair and refurbished Herman chair?

The real Herman chair gives a certificate of authenticity, and all other accessories while the refurbished Herman chair does not give services and a certificate of authenticity.

Q2: How long does a Herman Miller chair last?

A Herman Miller chair can last more than 12 years if it is used properly. It can stay longer because of the high-quality materials.

Q3: Does a refurbished Herman Miller chair a good option?

Yes, restored Herman Miller brand chairs are a great way to save money while still getting a top-quality chair. You can get a durable and comfortable office chair at a pocket-friendly price.

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