Different Types of Office Chairs
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What are Different Types of Office Chairs?

Are you in the market and want an office chair—but don’t know which one to select from the different types of office chairs available in the market? No doubt, it is not easy to select an office chair when there are a lot of chair choices. As every chair is different from others in terms of style, features, and price. Therefore, it is important to consider an office chair that fulfills your demand. 

First, identify what you want, comfort or relieve back pain, your concern is to improve posture or working efficiency and your need is a stylish chair or a moving chair. Once you know your basic need and chair benefits, it will be easy for you to select the chair.

An office chair not only enhances the beauty of the offices but also affects our health, lifestyle, comfort, and productivity at the workplace.

Today, we will explore what are different types of office chairs along with their pros and cons that will help you to choose the office chair that is according to your taste, preference, and needs.

9 Different Types of Office Chairs

The market is flooded with countless office chairs but here we are going to discuss the nine most famous and commonly used office chairs.

1. Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs have become famous in recent years in all types of workplaces. They are designed with the users in mind to keep them comfortable by reducing body strain and encouraging neutral posture. Ergonomic office chairs are considered the best due to their great sitting comfort and support. 

As the average duration of the workday has increased and people spend more time sitting, therefore it is essential to use an office chair with ergonomic support to stay comfortable.

An ergonomically designed office chair is excellent for preventing neck, back, and shoulder pain during prolonged sitting hours.

The ergonomic office chairs come in many sizes, colors, materials (leather, mesh, and fabric), and features (lumbar support, S-shaped backrest, armrest, footrest, adjustable seat height, and headrest). All these features enhance workability by preventing musculoskeletal disorders, cervical spondylosis, back soreness, and poor posture.

The price of these office chairs is higher than other office chairs but the chair stays longer and saves you from the doctor.


  • Improve overall health, comfort, support, posture, and performance
  • Lumbar support aligns the spinal curve and relieves back pain
  • Headrest supports the neck and relieves the headache
  • Breathable mesh and fabric prevent sweating
  • Adjustable armrests reduce shoulder pain
  • Ensures a good circulation of blood


  • Are out of the budget of many people

2. Executive Chairs

Executive Chairs

Executive office chairs are luxurious and premium office chairs that are designed with superior quality materials like genuine leather and fine wood. As the name indicates, executive chairs are used by the organization’s senior officer or high-ranked person.

If you are a top-positioned or higher-ranked officer, you should think to consider this type of comfortable office chair to demonstrate your status and power.

The high backrests, padded armrests, well-cushioned seats, thickly padded headrests, reclining features, and high-quality leather make the executive chairs modern and comfortable.

Some chairs also come with massaging functions. Another plus point about this type of office chair is that it can last up to 10 years and usually does not need replacement.

The extra padding in the seat of the chair prevents the user from hip pain and thigh soreness. Amazingly designed forward and backward tilt mechanism helps to improve blood circulation and breathing during long hours of sitting. It will be a great choice if you prefer plush seating.


  • Extra padding keeps comfortable and minimizes body pain
  • Stylish design enhances the appearance of the workplace
  • Suitable for taller height individuals
  • Encourages blood circulation
  • Allows easy movement


  • Expensive price

3. Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling Chairs

A kneeling chair is a unique type of office chair that permits you to sit in a position in which the legs are bent at 60 to 70 degrees vertically. The sitting position in this chair reduces the stress in the lower back by distributing the body weight between the knees and buttocks.

The reduced pressure decreases back stiffness and prevents chronic lower back pain. You can regulate the pressure on the shins by adjusting the seat height and changing the seat angle.

Another beneficial purpose of kneeling chairs is to give a healthy body posture by strengthening the core muscles. However, you can sit comfortably on the kneeling chair for 4 to 5 hours; a long hour sitting in this type of office chair can make you uncomfortable.

In the start, the material of the kneeling chair was wood, but nowadays metal frame material chairs are commonly made with foam seats. These chairs come with a backrest or without a backrest. The special thing about the kneeling chair is the padded footrest that supports the legs and prevents ankle pain.


  • Supports the back by strengthening the core muscles
  • Well-padded footrest supports the feet properly
  • Excellent for lowering chronic back pain
  • Maintains the upright posture
  • Unique style office chair


  • Not comfortable for long-term sitting
  • Limits the blood circulation in the legs
  • Difficult to get up and sit down

4. Conference Chairs

Conference Chairs

As the name shows that conference office chairs are used in conference rooms, private rooms, and boardrooms. These chairs are also known as the meeting room office chairs. The conference chairs are designed with low or mid backrests that guarantee that every participant can make decisions with the team.

The unique thing about this type of chair is that it promotes a forward-leaning posture which helps the team to engage during meetings and participate in discussions. The conference office chair is also a symbol of respect and authority like the executive office chairs.

Mostly, leather and fabric upholstery are used in the manufacturing of the chair which keeps the chair stable, and durable. Conference chairs usually come with aluminum and chromium base materials, while the casters are made of nylon. The armrests in this chair help to support the wrist and maintain the 90-degree elbow flexion naturally.

Another positive point about this kind of office chair is the lower back lumbar support which prevents back pain.


  • Forward leaning posture keeps the participants attentive
  • Prevent back pain and support the lower back
  • Nylon casters allow easy movement
  • Armrests support the elbow properly


  • Not suitable for long-term use
  • Fewer adjustable options

5. Gaming Chairs

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are attractive-looking and stylish chairs that enhance the beauty of the room during live streaming. These chairs are specifically made for gamers that keep them comfortable by easing back pain and improving posture during intense gaming sessions. Sitting on the gaming chair also ensures good circulation of blood in the body

This type of chair is designed with a high back that lets the gamers lean while playing games without causing back and neck pain. If you face back pain while playing online games, then the gaming chairs with lumbar support are the perfect solution for you.

Some gaming chairs also offer massaging action which helps to relieve the back pain. Mostly, PU leather is used in the making of gaming chairs because it is a durable, comfortable, and less expensive material than genuine leather.

Some gaming chairs also come with a soft fabric material which keeps the gamers cool. You can adjust the armrests, seat height, headrest, backrest, and footrest in your most comfortable sitting position.


  • Improves gaming performance by keeping comfortable
  • High backrest eases back pain during long hours of gaming
  • Adjustable headrest properly supports the neck and head
  • Rolling casters allow easy movement
  • Stylish and attractive chairs


  • Leather material is not breathable

6. Reclining Chairs

Reclining Chairs

Reclining chairs have become popular in offices and homes for relaxing the whole body. The backrest of the reclining chair permits the users to recline at least 45 degrees to rest and even nap during a hectic working day.

Some reclining office chairs also recline in a nearly flat position that allows comfortable sleep. This type of office chair can also be used at the computer desk in the upright position, so it is both a recliner and a desk chair.

Long hour of sitting puts pressure on the spine, and cause back pain, but sitting in the reclined position can ease back soreness and stiffness. Research shows that a reclining chair reduces the pressure on the hips and thighs.

A zero gravity position in the reclining chair improves the circulation of blood in the legs and feet by keeping the legs slightly higher than the heart level. These chairs not only give health benefits but also boost productivity at the workplace.

There are two types of reclining chairs in the market, one with a built-in mechanism and the other without a built-in mechanism. The chair with a built-in mechanism is easy to use because it is already adjustable. In contrast, the reclining chair without a built-in mechanism is a little difficult because you have to adjust the backrest and footrest by yourself.


  • The reclined position allows you to take a nap and rest
  • Improves sitting posture and eases back stiffness
  • Enhances focus and keeps alert while working
  • Good circulation of blood in legs and feet
  • The swivel feature helps to move around


  • Takes up more space than the normal chair
  • Mostly expensive and heavier weight

7. Saddle Chairs

Saddle Chairs

Saddle chairs are different design chairs that are higher than the conventional chair. This type of chair encourages a riding-like sitting position and relaxes the muscles by inclining the thighs at a 135-degree angle.

It is considered the best chair for attaining a neutral posture and relieving chest strain. The saddle-design chairs promote active sitting which improves the focus on the work.

A saddle sitting strengthens the core muscles by forward slanting position and reduces pelvic strain by supporting the pelvic region in the upright position.

The halfway sitting in the saddle chair helps you to sit and stand more easily than the traditional office chair. It will be a great option for people that need frequent sitting and standing.

You can use it in all workplaces in offices, salons, medical clinics, and even kitchens because these chairs keep you mobile. This type of chair comes with or without a backrest. You can select different shapes (oval, triangular, and trapezoidal) of the saddle stool in comparison to an ordinary chair.

Solid and divided are the two types of saddle chairs. The divided type is better for male workers because it reduces perineal pressure and decreases genital infections.


  • 135-degree saddle sitting ensures the best spinal posture
  • Improves breathing, blood circulation, and metabolism
  • Active sitting increases productivity
  • Reduces stress on the chest and pelvis
  • Prevents foot and ankle pain


  • Not suitable for short-height and overweight individuals
  • Comfortable for a short duration
  • Difficult to adjust at the start

8. Desk Chairs

Desk Chairs

A desk chair is a type of chair that is designed to work at a desk. It is a commonly used chair in the market. It will be a great choice for the workers who work in front of computers at the desk. The comfortable desk chairs keep you concentrated and focused on the work.

Usually, desk chairs offer many adjustability choices that permit you to adjust the chair according to your needs. This type of chair delivers more comfort through the lumbar support, adjustable seat height, and cushioned seat. A swivel feature allows the user to move easily.

We suggest you set the height of the desk chair below the height of your knees when standing. This height of the desk chair keeps your feet flat on the floor and bends your knees at 90 degrees comfortably. While using the desk chair, ensure that your back is straight and your keyboard is directly in front of you.


  • Promotes right posture in front of a computer
  • Improves focus and increases type speed
  • Supports feet and knees
  • Encourages movement


  • Limited weight capacity

9. Task Chairs


Task chairs are found to be the basic and common type of office chair. These chairs are also known by the name of operator office chairs. Because of their affordable price, they are a good choice for normal employees in any workplace.

The operator chairs are simply designed chairs that are suitable for a short hour of sitting. If your organization requires you to sit for more than 4 hours, you should consider ergonomic office chairs.

You can perform your tasks accurately because it allows you to get close to the desk. Some task chair models are space-saving chairs because they come with an armless structure. It is ideal for back pain sufferers because it maintains an upright posture and prevents slouching. The swivel base and casters allow you to move easily and comfortably.


  • Backrest maintains the upright posture
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Easy to move


  • Not comfortable with long hours of sitting
  • Lack of postural support

Bottom Line

Hopefully, we have helped you in making the purchase decision for your workplace. Before selecting the chair you should think about your budget, workplace setting, comfort level, duration of sitting, body type, and health issues. The right selection of an office chair is inevitable for being comfortable and productive throughout working hours.


What is the most popular and common type of chair?   

Desk chairs are one of the most popular and commonly used chairs in the offices. Desk chairs are designed to use at the desk and allow users to perform desk tasks excellently by ensuring a neutral posture.

Which features make the office chair good?

Proper lumbar support, adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests, an S-shaped backrest, and high-quality materials make the chair good for users. A good chair helps to sit correctly and comfortably by preventing poor posture.

What is the name of a curved shape chair?

The curved-shaped chairs are called club chairs. A club chair is a classic style living room chair that provides comfort with rounded curves.

What type of chair is perfect for long hours of sitting in offices?

The ergonomic office chair is the best chair for office work. It is the most comfortable chair to sit in for a long duration at the workplace. Ergonomic chairs enhance working performance, minimize back pain, and improve body posture.

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