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Mirra vs Mirra 2: Which One Should You Choose?

Herman Miller is the name of quality, elegance, and ergonomic perfection in the world of office furniture. Even its refurbished chairs are way better than the brand-new chairs of other brands in the market. Two of the most well-known, award-winning, and iconic chairs of Herman Miller are Mirra and Mirra 2.

These chairs were designed by Studio 7.5, with the key vision being to create an individualized chair that could easily fit different body types. Today, Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 are considered the most adjustable and ergonomic-friendly chairs on the market.

However, both the chairs have considerable differences in terms of quality, price range, and overall functionality. This article is going to give a detailed comparative analysis of Mirra vs Mirra 2 shedding light on the features, pros, and cons of each model.

However, if you are in a hurry, we can give you a brief essence of the article which is: “Mirra 2 is more advanced, expensive and elegant than Mirra 1”. Mira 2, being the upgraded version of Mira 1, offers a lot more features than Mira 1. It is also more expensive than Mira 1 at the same time. 

Mirra vs Mirra 2: Similarities and Differences

Before we move to the detailed review of the features, advantages, and disadvantages of Mirra 1 and Mirra 2, let’s first summarize the key differences and similarities in the following table:


Herman Miller Mirra 1

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Ergonomic Features

High-end ergonomic design keeping in view factors such as comfort and support during long periods of sitting.

More advanced and ergonomic friendly as compared to Mirra.

Building Materials

Polyurethane, plastic, and aluminium are used in its construction, making it durable and sustainable

Polyurethane, plastic, and aluminium are used in the construction, so it is also a sustainable and long-lasting chair.


It has an elegant and gorgeous design making it one of the most appealing chairs available in the market.

It is similar to Mira 1 in terms of design, however, it has a more sleek look and a smaller frame which adds to its appeal.


Comes with a 12 years warranty.

Comes with a 12 years warranty.


It weighs 50 lbs.

It weighs 42 lbs which makes it more portable and movable than Mirra 1.

User Reviews

Positive overall

Positive overall

Where To Buy

Herman Miller Mirra 

Mirra 1 or simply Mira chair is a comfortable and ergonomic chair launched by Herman Miller in 2003.  Designed by Studio 7.5, with the aim of creating a versatile and highly ergonomic chair, it gained massive recognition all across the world soon after its launch. It has an elegant design and offers great adjustable features. Some experts even claim it is superior to Herman Miller Aeron. 

Features of Mirra

Herman Miller chairs are known for their amazing quality and elegant designs and Mirra 1 is no exception. Some of the key features of Mirra include

  1. Adjustability Options:

One of the main features that created a buzz about Mirra in the world of office furniture was the range of adjustability options it offered, something unusual and exciting back in the day. Seat height, seat depth, lumbar support, forward tilt, and tilt tension are some of the many adjustment options available in Mirra which allow users to customize it according to their specific needs and preferences.

  1. Seating Material:

The use of mesh material in the seat improves the breathability and airflow of the chair which is recommendable for people who sweat a lot. It helps to provide a cool sitting experience.

  1. Comfort and Support:

It has a curved seat and flexible backrest that easily conforms to the shape of the user’s back. Mirra chairs can provide high levels of comfort and support. These chairs are not designed to be soft as they have a mesh seat which tends to be a little stiff. However, it can keep you active and alert for long hours of sitting.

Pros and Cons of Mirra


Some of the key advantages of Mirra include:

  • It is the most affordable Herman Miller chair which is available at significantly low prices.
  • It provides a comfortable sitting experience for all users. 
  • The chair is durable and comes with a warranty of almost 12 years.
  • Mirra has a simple and vintage style which is considered a major appeal to those who want a more traditional or classic office chair.


Some potential drawbacks of Mirra include:

  • As discussed earlier, the use of mesh material in the seat of the Mirra chair makes it stiff and uncomfortable for many people. This is a major point of concern for people who want a softer and more comfortable seat.
  • Compared to Mirra 2 or other high-end ergonomic chairs, Mirra 1 has fewer adjustment options. This makes it challenging for people who want a fully customizable office chair. 

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Ten years after the successful launch of Mirra 1, Herman Miller released another beautiful and futuristic chair with a range of adjustability options. This chair was named Mirra 2. It was similar to the original Mirra in shape, however, it was smaller and sleeker in size. Its sophisticated design and strong build-in material soon made it a top priority for every home and office workspace. Indeed, everything about this chair from its design to the visual appeal and support to adjustability options is up to the mark.

Features of Mirra 2

Mirra 2 offers a range of impressive features, including:

  1. Adjustment Options:

The entire Mirra series is known for its incredible adjustment features. Adjustability options available with Mirra 2 include height adjustment, armrest adjustment, tilt mechanism, and adjustable armrests.

  1. Ergonomic Features:

Mirra 2 is the upgraded version of Mirra 1, therefore, it offers a range of high-end ergonomic features which fulfill the aim of freedom and movement while sitting. It comes with two back options including Butterfly Back and Triflex Back. The former is more flexible and dynamic while the latter can be easily cleaned and tends to last for a long period of time. However, both back options help to keep  the spine properly aligned as you sit and provide adequate ventilation to keep you cool and dry.

  1. Seating 

Mirra 2 uses Air Weave 2 mesh which makes it more breathable and soft than Mira 1. Still, it has a stiffer feel and is not recommended for people wanting a soft and comfy seat. The stiffness, however, promotes active sitting and is ideal for providing high levels of support during long hours of sitting.

  1. Materials Used:

The flexible and dynamic materials used in its construction make it a perfect match for different body types and workspaces.

  1. Maximum Weight Capacity:

Mirra 2 is lighter in weight than Mirra 1, which makes it easy to move around in it. It weighs only 35 lbs (10 lbs lighter than Mirra 1) which means that users can transport it from one spot to another without much effort. This feature also makes it more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  1. Price Range:

It is difficult to tell the exact price range of any chair as market value changes on a day to basis. In general, Mirra 2 is more expensive than Mira 1. The current price of Mirra 2 as available on the official website of Herman Miller is $1,410.00. It can also be bought in monthly installments starting from $88 per month. Before making any purchase, do visit the official herman miller website to know the latest price package of the chair.

Pros and Cons of Mirra 2


Some of the chief advantages of Mirra include:

  • The length, width, depth, and pivot of its armrests can be easily adjusted as per the work requirements and body dimensions.
  • Made with 96% recyclable materials, has a Gradated polymer seat, an AireWeave 2-seat mesh, and a Die-cast aluminum base.
  • The chair comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12 years warranty period that ensures the protection of your investment.
  • It can provide high levels of comfort and support while sitting and doing hectic work. 


Some drawbacks of Mirra 2 include:

  • Being a high-end ergonomic chair, Mira 2 has also a heavy price tag as compared to Mirra 1 or other types of office chairs. This makes it unaffordable and out of the reach of budget-conscious people. 
  • Mirra 2 has a slightly stiffer seat which is considered painful and irritating for many people. However, for people who want a firmer seat, it is considered a positive aspect.

Final Thoughts!

Summarizing all the main points, it can be said that both Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 have excellent built quality and adjustable features. Mirra 2, being the advanced version of Mirra 1 contains certain improvements such as smaller frames, a sleeker design, and better adjustability options.

In terms of features and functionality, Mira 2 is, therefore, preferable over Mira 1. In terms of budget, however, Mira 1 performs better than Mira 2. If you have a limited budget and want to buy a good-quality adjustable chair, you should opt for Miira 1. However, if you don’t have any financial limitations,  you should definitely go for Mira 2.


Is the Herman Miller Mirra worth it? 

Herman Miller Mirra has an elegant design and sleek look. It provides a highly comfortable and supportive sitting experience. Moreover, it provides a 12 years warranty, making it well worth the investment.

Why do people buy Herman Miller? 

Herman Miller is known for making elegant, adjustable, and highly comfortable office chairs. Every Herman Miller chair from Aeron to Mirra and the Embody to Cosm is designed keeping in view that it can be adjusted as per the individual needs and provide maximum comfort. 

Is Mirra 2 good for short people?

Mirra 2 has a smaller and sleeker frame. Moreover, it has a wide range of adjustability options making it suitable for both short and tall people.

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